Learning to Read? Not Sure Where to Start? Part 2

Part 2 of Learning to Read? Not Sure Where to Start?  Here are some more series and individual titles perfect for your beginning readers. 

See Fred run by Kevin Bolger

This book is part of a phonics series. Kevin Bolger creates funny cartoons using sight words and phonic concepts. 

Fox is late by illustrator Corey R. Tabor

A funny animal story featuring a fox. Fox continues his adventures in: Fox the Tiger.

Basketball break by C. C. Joven

Sports Illustrated has a Starting Line Readers that are perfect for kids who love sports. 

Duck, duck, dinosaur : bubble blast by 1983- K. (Kallie) George

Duck, Duck, Dinosaur is a fun series about a dinosaur who lives with a family of ducks. Other books in this series include;  Perfect Pumpkin , Spring Smiles, and Snowy Surprise.

Flubby is not a good pet! by illustrator J. E. (Jennifer E.) Morris

This is a funny beginning reader featuring a cat. Flubby Will Not Play With That is another fun book featuring Flubby. 

My friends make me happy! by 1958- Jan Thomas

Jan Thomas has very funny beginning readers that use


My Toothbrush is Missing!There's a Pest in the GardenWhat is chasing Duck?

Series that are both Red and Yellow Dots

These series feature popular characters with both the red and yellow dot levels. They are a little bit more challenging than beginning readers and have a couple sentences per page. 

Pete the kitty and the case of the hiccups by illustrator 1957- James Dean

Pete the Cat readers can be a challenge for beginning readers. However, this book along with Pete the Kitty goes to the doctor and Pete the cat : too cool for school have slightly shorter sentences. 

Flying high by Nick Eliopulos

For DC fans the DC Super Friends is great for beginning readers looking for superhero action!

Escape from Darth Vader by Michael Siglain

Star Wars also has several level 1 readers. They include; Ewoks Join the FightFinn and Poe Team Up!Rey meets BB-8Sabine's Art AttackZeb to the Rescue, Chaos at the Castle

and AT-AT Attack!.