Intuitive Eating: the Anti-Diet

Inspired by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch's work on Intuitive Eating in 1995, and based on the Health at Every Size movement, a slew of new and older titles are available that argue that the best way to be on a diet is to be on no diet at all. These books state that dieting, particularly fad dieting, can cause more emotional, mental, and physical damage that it's worth, and they advocate for gentle nutrition and a return to one's instincts in the kitchen. Many of these authors are also podcasters, many of which overlap or interview each other

Creator of the Food Psych podcast, Christy Harrison writes about Intuitive Eating and the ways diets act as a "life thief." 

Intuitive eating [electronic resource] by Elyse Resch, Evelyn Tribole
Also available in: e-audiobook

The original Intuitive Eating book on which many others are based. 

Also available in: e-book

The original Intuitive Eating workbook created by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, as a companion to their hit Intuitive Eating book. 

Creator of The F*ck It Diet podcast, Caroline Dooner remarks on the various ways diets can be harmful to our emotional and mental selves. 

Also available in: e-book | e-audiobook

Rebecca Scritchfield offers a unique approach to Intuitive Eating, encouraging readers to create 'upward spirals' in their lives, and craft belief in themselves and kindness towards their bodies. 

The original health at every size book, which posits that weight is not a direct indicator of health. 

You have the right to remain fat by 1982- Virgie Tovar

Self confidence for all!

Health at every size from a fitness perspective, Steph Gaudreau (creator of successful fitness-emotion-nutrition podcast Harder to Kill Radio) lines out the four pillars of health, which she advocates is achievable without dieting or engaging in diet culture.