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If You Like the Pets of American Girl, Try...


If you enjoy reading about all the animals and pets featured in the American Girl series, like Felicity's horse Penny or Melody's dog Bo, you might enjoy some of these titles.


Ten-year-old Abby Ramirez, who is on the autism spectrum, has her hands full when an anxious German shepherd, Destiny, shows up at the Second Chance Ranch animal rescue. While Abby helps Destiny learn to trust people again, Abby has to learn to overcome old habits of her own.

Eleven-year-old Stella Rodriguez finds herself in possession of a strange new pet that swallows up everything in sight when a black hole decides to follow her home.

Also available in: e-book | audiobook

Rescuing a squirrel after an accident involving a vacuum cleaner, comic-reading cynic Flora Belle Buckman is astonished when the squirrel, Ulysses, demonstrates astonishing powers of strength and flight after being revived.

The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde

Fifteen-year-old Jennifer Strange runs an agency for underemployed magicians in a world where magic is fading away, but when visions of the death of the world's last dragon begin, all signs point to Jennifer--and Big Magic.

Tua and the elephant by R. P. Harris

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, nine-year-old Tua releases an abused elephant from its chains, but it will be a challenge to get the elephant to refuge without getting caught.

Through a series of letters, Sophie Brown, age twelve, tells of her family's move to her Great Uncle Jim's farm, where she begins taking care of some unusual chickens with help from neighbors and friends.

Rain reign by Ann M. Martin
Also available in: audiobook

Struggling with Asperger's, Rose shares a bond with her beloved dog, but when the dog goes missing during a storm, Rose is forced to confront the limits of her comfort levels, even if it means leaving her routines in order to search for her pet.

Also available in: audiobook

Having no one to help her with her problems, a widowed mouse visits the rats whose former imprisonment in a laboratory made them wise and long lived.

Riding freedom by Pam Muñoz Ryan
Also available in: e-audiobook

A fictionalized account of Charley (Charlotte) Parkhurst who ran away from an orphanage, posed as a boy, moved to California, and fooled everyone by her appearance.

The night fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz

When Flory the night fairy's wings are accidentally broken and she cannot fly, she has to learn to do everything differently.

The cat who came in off the roof by Annie M. G Schmidt
Also available in: audiobook

Minou, formerly a cat but now a woman with many cattish ways, helps Tibbs, a newspaper reporter, with information she gets from her many feline friends.

Charlotte's web by E. B. White
Also available in: audiobook | video

This is the story of a little girl named Fern, who loves a pig named Wilbur - and of Wilbur's dear friend Charlotte, a beautiful large grey spider who lives with Wilbur in the barn. With the help of some friendly farm animals, Charlotte saves the life of Wilbur, who is Some Pig.

Sidekicks by Dan Santat

When Captain Amazing feels he is getting too old to be a reliable superhero, he tries to hire a new sidekick, but his pets have different ideas.


Big-animal vets! by Mari Rich

Stare down a gorilla! Help save lions and giraffes! Fix a hippo with a toothache! For veterinarians working with large animals, that might just be a busy morning. Inside, travel the world with expert animal doctors as they go wherever the animals go, ready to use science, technology, and creativity to heal. 

Find out just what's going on inside the minds of animals. Through understanding animal intelligence we discover more about ourselves, including far more similarities than one might expect. Humans may have the biggest brains, but intelligence is not a quality exclusive to only us!.

The African Penguin population is critically low, due to various factors including climate change. Scientists and volunteers with a South African organization are helping to rescue these endangered birds by rearing abandoned chicks.

Learn about Ann and her life with all her pets.

Everything pets by James Spears

A collection of facts about animal companions includes such entries that reveal a cat's top running speed, the numerous facial expressions made by dogs, and a bird's surprising feather weight.

Celebrates of the bond between humans and their canine companions, discussing scientific insights that demonstrate how sharing one's life with a dog reduces stress, provides companionship, and increases safety.

On remote Codfish Island off the southern coast of New Zealand live the last 91 kakapo parrots on earth. Originally this bird numbered in the millions before humans brought predators to the islands. Now on the isolated island refuge, a team of scientists is trying to restore the kakapo population.

Origami pets by Lisa Miles

Whether cat lovers or dog people, readers will enjoy making paper art featuring their favorite pets! With an introduction to the basic folding techniques as well as step-by-step instructions, these origami projects will engage readers in learning a cool new kind of art. 

An illustrated haiku collection that explores the charming characteristics of dogs and provides facts about numerous dog breeds.


Also available in: e-video

At 9 years old, Eugenie Clark developed an unexpected passion for sharks after a visit to the Battery Park Aquarium in New York City. At the time, sharks were seen as mindless killing machines, but Eugenie knew better and set out to prove it. 

Along with biographical details, the book explores the ethical issues that surround Goodall's work and shows what has changed in our understanding of Great Apes. What do we know today about these animals? 

Describes the life and accomplishments of the animal scientist and designer of cruelty-free livestock facilities, from her early life and autism diagnosis through her journey to become a livestock expert.

The Hamerstroms spent more than 30 years sharing the message of wildlife conservation. Fran was a flamboyant and prolific writer of journal articles and popular books. Together with her husband, Fran mentored hundreds of future scientists and welcomed thousands of people to their home to help with the yearly prairie chicken booming season count. They left a lasting legacy that should not be forgotten. 

A look at the relationship Frida Kahlo shared with her pets explores how her personal stuggles and the animals influenced her art.

Discover the extraordinary life and scientific discoveries of Maria Merian, who discovered the truth about metamorphosis and documented the science behind the mystery in this visual biography that features many original paintings by Maria herself.

Presents the story of Cynthia Moss, an animal activist who has devoted her life to the study of African elephants and whose work helped bring about the world ivory trade ban.

Who was Beatrix Potter? by Sarah Fabiny

A young reader's biography of Beatrix Potter, the author-illustrator of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Looks at the inspiring story of Joan Procter, a pioneering female scientist who loved reptiles.

Describes the life and career of Amy Vedder, wildlife biologist, and her work with gorillas in Rwanda.

These three ground-breaking researchers were all students of the great Louis Leakey, and each made profound contributions to primatology--and to our own understanding of ourselves.