Horror Movie Double Feature

We're living in strange and scary times, so it may seem counterintuitive to seemingly amplify your fears by watching a horror movie. For many people, though, horror is a safe, fun and cathartic release from the anxieties that are plaguing them. Horror stories can also be escapist thrill rides that recharge a person's internal batteries, or powerful and often humorous metaphors for examining the problems in the world. With your hoopla digital account, you'll find a diverse collection of scary movies to satisfy any kind of horror craving. Why not relieve some anxiety and have a little fun with these thematic horror double features?



Satanic Panic (2019) and Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Horror and comedy go together like chocolate and peanut butter. So, if you're looking for both scares and a laugh, try this pairing. In Satanic Panic, a pizza delivery girl must contend with rude customers, ridiculous situations, and the darkest of magic after she accidentally uncovers a secret, suburban, satanic cult, Killer Klowns is a goofy, self aware, horror comedy about the night a band of interstellar, homicidal, harlequins invades a small town.




The Head Hunter (2019) and Black Death (2011)

If you're looking for horror films that will transport you to another time and place, this is the combination for you. The Head Hunter is a chilling, fantasy-horror movie that follows a medieval monster hunter as he stalks the creatures that murdered his daughter. Black Death is an unsettling folk-horror film that takes viewers back to plague-ridden medieval England where they'll accompany a monk and band of knights on a journey to a mysterious village that has not been ravaged by the titular disease.




Last Shift (2014) and The House of the Devil (2009)

These days, we're all feeling a bit trapped. If you're looking for some creepy films to help you deal with that, try this double feature. Last Shift details a rookie police officer's horrific first night on duty at a decommissioned and very haunted police station. House of the Devil is a '70s throwback style film about a desperate college student who takes an overnight babysitting job that turns into a fight for survival against unspeakable evil.




Mandy (2018) and Color Out of Space (2020)

Nicholas Cage's signature, over the top, acting style has won him a number of followers. If you're a fan of Cage's acting "rage," these two films are for you. Mandy is a surreal, fever dream take on the '80s style revenge movie where Cage plays a man out ot take down the cult that murdered his girlfriend. Color Out of Space is an artful adaptation of a classic H. P. Lovecraft tale where Cage portrays a man who must contend with a formless alien entity that crash lands on his front lawn and then starts to infect his family and farm with strange mutations.