Have a Picnic

How about breaking the dinner routine tonight and having a picnic. It's not too hot out, and there's a cool summer breeze. You don't even have to pack up the car and drive to a park. Just  walk right out into your backyard, lay a blanket out on the grass, and rely on the food you have, with maybe a little creativity. You can even use leftovers from last night or throw together an effortless salad..Keep it simple, let the kids help, and play some no sweat games like duck, duck goose or  "I spy."  Avoiding too much fuss will promote relaxation and chilling and give you time to enjoy your family and friends. Spontaneous may be the best way to go.  When you're in the mood for something a little more hearty and you want to take your picnic up a notch, you'll find tons of great grilling and picnic recipes here. Check out a few cookbooks that will give you ideas for quick meals. Head back to 62 days of Summer for more ways to participate in the summer program!

Weber's ultimate grilling by Jamie Purviance
Tasty sandwiches by 1967- Jennifer S. Larson
Super 'wiches by Marilyn La Penta