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Grow Green

Gardening comes in many shapes and sizes from the super elaborate outdoor garden maze that takes up acres of land and you can see from a helicopter to the simple succulent in a small pot on your windowsill. No matter what kind of gardener you are (or are striving to be), there are many resources available to help you complete this 62 Days square and Grow Green.


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Photo by Michelle Neuwirth Gray

By The Book!

Check This Out!

After you get your fill of glossy pages of beautiful flowers and decorative pots, check out these other resources that offer not just how to options, but information about what is happening in the gardening world around us.

Bees in the D--gardening is not just about what you put in the soil, but also attracting pollinators to work their magic on flowers, fruit trees, and plants is not only necessary but amazing. Find out more about local bee saving efforts and what you can do to help the bees.

National Gardening Association--this site offers articles and tips on growing many different kinds of indoor and outdoor plants. Not sure what someone else planted in your yard? With a free account, you can post a photo and other members can help you identify your mystery plant. 

Michigan State University--a fantastic resource for gardening in Michigan. Their website is ripe with tips, tricks, ideas, and even an ask a question section for those extra tough plants that just seem to struggle no matter what one does. As you consider starting a garden or building on an existing one, be sure to check out their recommendations for plants that thrive in our climate.Check out their printable calendar of planting on the website.


Have fun and be sure to use our hashtags #howdoyou62 and #62waystodo62days to share photos of your new plants! Once you are done, head back to the 62 Days of Summer home page for more ways to participate in the summer program!