Garden to Table

Kitchen gardening has been around since the early times. A small plot of land near the house can be used to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables for household use, according to the season. Growing your own food has many health benefits:

You eat more fresh fruits and vegetables,

You chose what pesticides and fertilizers to use
Harvest time is chosen by you.

It is good exercise and fun for the whole family.           

These books and other resources can help you get started on your kitchen garden today!  

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Organic kitchen garden by Juliet Roberts

Children's Non-Fiction and Fiction Books

Hoopla offers a variety of titles for Backyard Gardening including a movie and couple fun children's books.

  • No Work Urban Front Yard Vegetable Gardening Simplified (e-audiobook) - Easiest Way to Get Fresh Tasty Organic Veggies for Your Whole Family and Other Gardening Information.
  • How to Grow Vegetables (ebook) - Learn the basics of raised bed gardening. All the information you need is packed in this one helpful book. Other benefits you can get from this book: - Benefits of Backyard Gardening - How to Start Raised Bed Gardening - Plan a Successful Vegetable Garden - Vegetables and Herbs to Grow for Your First Crop - Compost and Composting for your Garden - How to Manage Bugs and Slugs in your Garden - Homegrown Vegetable Recipes.
  • Portrait of a Garden (movie) - A search for meaning, companionship and the perfect ingredients… In a picturesque garden on a grand country estate, two long-time friends, an 85-year-old pruning master and the gardener, tend to the espaliers.
  • Mystery of the Traveling Tomatoes (children's e-audiobook) - The Aldens help the owner of a local restaurant water the fruits and vegetables in his garden and remove the weeds. But when they notice that some of the tomatoes have been moved, they discover a new mystery has sprouted in Greenfield.
  • Talia and the Rude Vegetables (chidren's e-audiobook) - "How can a vegetable be 'rude'?" Talia wonders, when she mis-hears her grandmother asking her to gather "root" vegetables for a Rosh Hashanah stew. As Talia digs in the garden, she collects the twisted, ornery carrots and parsnips-the "rude" vegetables that she thinks her grandmother wants-and finds a good home for the rest.

Kitchen Gardening - Planning, Resources and Activities

  • Learn the basics of starting a kitchen garden with these articles from Mother Earth News and The Spruce. In addition, Backwoods Mama ruminates how children benefit from gardening.
  • Some go-to online garden plot planners include Kitchen Garden Planner by Gardener's Supply Company and Smart Gardener.
  • Keep track of your progress, connect with other gardeners, identify plants and more with these free Apps for iOS, Android and Web: From Seed to Spooning Garden and GrowIt!
  • Look to these organizations and associations for an abundant of resource information including recipes, videos, lessons, harvesting tips, etc.
  1. Michigan Farmers Marker Association offers shopper information, videos, recipe cards, food safety tips and more.
  2. Farm Flavor - provides both national and state-specific agricultural information. The Recipes section is organized by ingredient, meal type and theme! An At-Home section contains gardening, cooking, and shopping tips.
  3. Michigan State University – MSU’s Extension Gardening offers gardeners many resources. These include the Smart Gardening initiative, helping you make smarter choices for your own backyard fruits and vegetables­­. They also provide a free Gardening Hotline!
  4. Green Education Foundation (GEF) – This national non-profit organization is committed to creating a sustainable future through K-12 education. It’s Garden Resource link has printable pdfs and monthly recommendations for organizing, harvesting, and maintaining your backyard garden.

Farmer's Markets and Community Gardens

Don't have space for a garden at home? Fear not, local Community Gardens and Farmer's Markets, specifcally the Canton Farmer's Market, will still enable you to be part of the eating local movement.

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