Favorite Video Games for 2020

2020 is finally over and has been a challenging year for everyone. Playing video games became a popular way to pass the time during quarantine. Below is a list of our favorite games CPL staff played last year. What games got you through 2020? What games are you looking forward to playing in 2021?

  • Animal Crossing was a great way to stay connected with friends while being stuck at home. AG
  • Animal Crossing allowed me to connect with people from a distance. AY
  • This was my quarantine mainstay; we couldn't go outside much this year, but Animal Crossing brings the fun of interacting with neighbors, decorating, and meeting friends into a digital space. SS
  • I started playing New Horizons during the spring quarantine, and I love it because it is such a fun and relaxing game that brings up fond childhood memories of playing earlier versions on the DS and Wii (Wild World and City Folk). It is a great game for all ages and is perfect to escape the craziness of the world for some bug catching, fishing, and crafting DIY recipes.  KM

Hellblade forced me to face my fears and overcome them through the character of Senua. I do not like scary games and I felt VERY accomplished by completing this game. AG

Also available for Playstation 4.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake had so much nostalgia and proved remakes CAN be good! AY

This has been my favorite game ever since a kid, and I still have so much fun with it to this day. I feel that it has something for everyone, from combat to creative building! JB

I checked this one out from CPL, and it was such a great game! The graphics are wonderful, and it has an unparalleled storyline with a lot of challenges that are rewarding to overcome. JB

Also available for Xbox One

I've never been that into car-racing games, but this was the first time I tried it out . . . I absolutely loved it! This game has great graphics, and it's very fun to play. JB

I love that it gets everyone moving – the kids were still doing the dances even if they didn’t have a controller – and that there are songs from all over. EEKS

Also available for Xbox One/Series X, PS4, and PS5. 

Scribblenauts is a great multiplayer game! You can play mini-games or there’s a board-game style setup. Some of the games are ridiculous and some require you to come up with an appropriate tool or object to use in the next game. This part involves spelling, so on a minor level there is some literacy involved. EEKS

Also available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

The Witcher 3 has an amazing soundtrack, a great main story and so many entertaining side quests, and Geralt is such a fun character to play. Once I got past the learning curve, I didn't want to put it down! KM

Also available for PS4

Borderlands 3 is first-person shooter mayhem and pokes fun at capitalism and selfie/influencer culture. Lots of humor, crazy alien worlds, and entertaining playable characters. KM

Also available for PS4

Breath of the Wild is visually a gorgeous game and is fresh and unique, but there's lots of nostalgia for fans. It's one of my comfort games and helped a lot when everything was crazy this year! KM

Also available for Wii U

Also available for PS4

Other Favorite Games.

  • Hades: It makes a genre I thought I hated, roguelikes, truly fun, and compellingly weaves a narrative surrounding Greek mythology into the gameplay. SS
  • Genshin Impact: For anyone who loves anime RPGs or Breath of the Wild-- and it's free to play! SS

  • Civilization VI: LB