Choose Privacy: Secure, Safe Search Engines

Eye looking through a keyhole

Our library is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our users. Protecting your privacy and confidentiality can help protect you against identity theft. Moreover, privacy is essential to your ability to explore new ideas - even controversial ones - without fear of being judged, punished, ostracized, or put under surveillance.  

Protecting your privacy is a team effort, and we can't do it alone; you also have an important role in keeping your information safe. In this second post of our series on privacy, we'll delve into a slightly more advanced topic: search engines. 

Secure, Safe Search Engines

Many of us head straight to Google when we want to search the web. While Google is an excellent search engine, it doesn't hurt to remember that Google is first and foremost in the advertisement business, so it pays for them to synthesize and analyze search data so that they can offer more relevant advertisements. Some alternate search engines perform just as well as Google, but opt out of tracking technology. 

  • Duck Duck Go: A search engine that doesn't follow or track you across the web
  • StartPage: A search engine that offers anonymous, no-tracking searches using Google results

The next time you need to do some research on the web, consider using one of these alternate search engines and seeing how you like it.