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Celebrate Planet Earth

Explores the most extraordinary places on the planet and how their environments shape the lives of those who live there. From Mount Everest's Khumbu Icefall to the Amazon to the Grand Canyon, visit six continents to learn how these natural wonders evolved and hear the rarely told stories about the challenges their inhabitants face.

Explores the wild and exotic places around the world that people call home; included are old forests, glaciers, snow capped mountains, tropical jungles, deserts, beaches and more.

A breathtaking journey through the exotic, surreal and dramatic natural environment of Australia.

Shuttle mission astronauts filmed this documentary on the forces affecting Earth's fragile ecological balance.

Explores the unspoiled wilderness of Tierra del Fuego, an island at the southern tip of Patagonia in South America.

Explores the diverse landscapes and animal life of the African continent.

Examines the history of North America's geological development.

Cuba's unspoiled tropical terrain, closed for decades by a U.S. trade embargo, escaped the commercialization of its Caribbean island neighbors. A title wave of hotels, asphalt, and pollution may be just ahead, if tourism experts are right. Look inside the long-closed paradise to see what the future holds for Cuba's unusual species of amphibians, reptiles, and fresh water fish.

Alan Alda follows in Charles Darwin's footsteps, meeting the animals and birds that inspired Darwin's theory of evolution.

Explores the Earth's coldest continent, Antarctica.

Explores the varied landscapes and wildlife of China.

1.5 million acres are home to some of the most unusual creatures on the planet, carnivorous plants, amphibious birds, fish that breathe air and cacti that grow in water.

The story of how North America was discovered is told through the eyes of the Native Americans and the European newcomers.

An account of the dramatic quest to explore one of the most unforgiving, and breathtakingly beautiful, places on earth.