Canton's Front Porch

This summer the Canton Public Library invites you to sip lemonade and get to know your neighbors on Canton's Front Porch. During the month of July we hope to capture the summertime tradition of the front porch, a place to relax and connect with your neighbors, by transforming the front of the library into a giant front porch.  Our community is stronger when we meet and know one another, so stop by to rock, relax and enjoy conversation with fellow community members.

Throughout the month of July we will be hosting Lemonade Hour on the porch. Ice cold lemonade will be served (while supplies last) during scheduled dates and times. Be sure to stop by to enjoy Canton Public Library's hospitality.

Upcoming sessions

There are no upcoming sessions available.


I had a wonderful experience yesterday at the Canton Public Library.
There were rocking chairs in the entryway.
A man sat next to a table with a jar on it.
The notice on the jar invited me to sit down and have a conversation with someone. If I lacked something to talk about I could reach in the jar and pull out a topic.
I introduced myself and said, ‘If you don’t mind, I’ll skip the jar and get right to talking.’
We talked for about twenty-five minutes.
I recall a time not so filled with hate and distrust and destructive anger that this happened nearly every day. When living in New York our front yard was filled with children and their parents sat upon a small wall and talked away the day. As we played we learned about life and how things worked and how to behave.
When visiting family in North Carolina the same thing would occur.
This activity once spanned the nation.
Someone told me that the rocking chairs in front of the Canton Library were a social experiment.
I responded by saying the social experiment has been to see what would happen if Americans did not speak to each other.
That experiment, my friends and neighbors, is over.
How about we see what would happen if we visit our local library, sit on our porch, wave to our neighbors and watch over the children whether they are ours or not?
What do you think will happen?