Apply for a Card

This application is for first-time library card applicants, age 18 or older, who are residents of Canton, Michigan. All fields marked with an * are required.

Minor children (under age 18) may obtain a library card with approval by a parent or legal guardian. Please apply in person at the library Checkout Desk. A library card application for minors is available at the checkout desk, or you can download the application and bring it into the library.

If you own property, work or attend school in Canton, please apply for your card in person and present your driver's license along with proof of your eligibility for a card (e.g. a Canton tax bill, recent paystub from your Canton employer, or a recent report card from a Canton school) at the Checkout Desk.

Identifying Info
Don't see your year of birth listed? If you are under 18 years old, parental authorization is required. Please fill out our parental authorization form and bring it into the library, or come in to the library for your library card.
Applicant's Name
Contact Information
Authorized Access

It is the policy of the Canton Public Library that all library records are kept confidential and only shared with the cardholder and/or as a result of appropriate legal orders. If you wish others to have access to your account, please indicate below:

I agree that the following individuals have the ability to pay fees and/or pick up held items on my account with proper identification. All other account information will remain confidential. I can change or void this list at any time by presenting identification to the library and requesting that individuals be removed or added to the list. I understand that such change requests must be made in person.

By accepting, I hereby certify that I am of legal age and currently reside in Canton, Michigan, and that the above information is true and accurate. I agree to the terms and policies set forth by the Canton Public Library and its Board of Trustees. These policies include, but are not limited to, the Circulation Policy, Borrowing Schedule, and Patron Code of Conduct.