7/31/18 Open Lego Build: Best Summer Ever Vehicle

July's Open Lego Build challenge was to build the ideal Summer Getaway Vehicle. Lego engineers had to solve the following problems:

  • How does your vehicle get around?
  • What kinds of entertainment does your vehicle have?
  • Is there food and drink on your vehicle? If so, what kind(s)?
  • Where will your Summer Getaway Vehicle take you?

Hover your mouse over each picture to get information about the Lego Engineer, the title of their creation, and information about their creation. 

Hasini built "Rocket" with a flower on top
Ryliegh built "Get Away Bluebird" with mini tacos and Hawaii as her destination
Sabrina built "Microphone" because she loves to sing
Shriraag created "Tilted Car" that is traveling to New Mexico
Ryan built "The Race Car" powered by just an engine that is going to First Grade
Sabrina built "Ice Cream Truck" with a destination of Africa
George built "Speedy Vehicle" that can fly, hover, and twirl around
Jayden built "Dream Boat" that runs on the power of dreams
Yesya built "Ice Cream Truck" that is full of ice cream
Anthony built "The Brazil Submarine" that is traveling to Brazil
Christian built "Power Boat" with the destination of Chicago
Sonya created "Horse House" for her horses
Marcel created "Marcel's 2.0" with a photo booth, coffee, and is traveling to his parent's house
Shreya created "Ship Submarine" that is a party boat with a parrot and soup traveling to Flordia
Allie and Jonathan created "The Commotion House" with a full kitchen and mechanical flowers
Sarah and Clara created "Princess Castle" has two spaceships to travel to Jupiter and the Moon
Ben and Catie created "Tour Boat" with holographic GPS projector, a 500 mph fan, and is traveling to Tundrabania
Mithran created "Space Pod" with a bowling alley and destination of space
Vance built "E-11" a vehicle that can walk and has Bahamas as it's destination
Anthony built "Vehicle 3,000" that had a racetrack
Samanvi built "Play Area"
Nishwarth created "Boat" that is going to travel all the oceans
Beaux created "The Flip Car" that moves on wheels, can flip, and is traveling to Michigan
Jacob created "Boat" that is used for fishing and travels on lakes
Daniel created "Boat" that is motor powered, has pizza, and is traveling to Las Vegas
Avani built "Triple Trouble" that can fly, move on land, and go underwater.
George built "Speedy Vehicle in a Dump Truck"
Andrew built "Octopus Ship" and "Island". The ship travels to the deserted island to go spear fishing.
Jaren created "Air Glider" built with an indoor arcade and is travelling to Hawaii
Sahan built "Motor Boat" which includes a treasure chest for holding treasure and is traveling to Italy
Breanne built "The Motor Drive" that has steak, a swimming pool, and is traveling to California
Laith and Hadi built "Submarine with Stairs" to see animals
Nelson created "Tiny" that moves in the water to go anywhere
Lily created "Flying Shark" that does underwater tricks, catches fish, and is traveling to South Carolina
Safiya built "A Farm" with lots of grass for horses to eat
Moson created "A Truck" with Florida as the destination