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Badges from All Years

The following experiences were added by patrons like you as they participate in Connect Your Summer. You can also see experience photos in a gallery and check out what people are reading to earn their badges.

Read The Berenstain Bears Play T-Ball by Stan Berenstain

Went to Hall of Ideas in Dow Center for the Arts

I learned that Michigan has a lot of pine trees and we watched a video about logging.

Read The Berenstain Bears Play T-Ball by Stan Berenstain

Attended Once Upon an Easel Art Camp

Family movie night with Aladdin and popcorn.

Family movie night with Aladdin and popcorn.

Read the raz kids book on how to make ice cream

I learned how to make ice cream and it only takes a few minutes. You don't have to buy anything from the ice cream man!

Read the raz kids book on ancient Egypt

I learned that kings were buried in pyramids. I learned that kings and queens were buried in fancy burials.

I looked at old photographs of Detroit online

I used the Michigan eLibrary's Michigania section to find a beautiful selection of old photographs called Early Detroit Images from the Burton Historical Collection at the Detroit Public Library. My favorite image so far is a building fire at Jefferson and Cass, which features common garb and a fire engine from 1883. It's fascinating to see the way people dressed back then, and even the firemen uniforms look dapper!

I read How to Fight Presidents

I read the book "Soccer Star"

I read the book "Soccer"

Listened to audiobook "Code Name Verity" by Elizabeth Wein

This was an awesome book and read very well by the narrator. I was so engrossed, I missed my exit. Twice.

Watched The Summit on DVD

About the 2008 tragedy of 11 climber deaths on K2. 

I read take me out to the ball game

I sang it too :)

I read the Berenstain Bears Play T Ball with my mom.

I read Mosters don't eat Broccoli