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summer program

did i miss something..what exactly are the qualifications for these program we choose one under each, do them all, are we reporting only online? is nothing happening at the library itself?? how are gifts this really attached to computer accessability??? other programs were easy to recognize..i am not clear on this..i always felt a strong part of the programs before was the personal contact with library staffers and the excitement that people generate...don t get that with a machine. more input needed..thanx I d appreciate it ..tell me why I should involve my grand ducks in scattering all over town instead of enjoying our library bldg and all its wonderful books and people...i don t see the structure of it all...i could see do x, get first glance with previous programs, i see do x and y and z and and maybe abc to get...a badge, maybe...a gift or a prize or something, maybe...yes it does end, that s good , but i m lost on the rest..

Summer Reading Program

With the summer reading program are there any "prizes" to earn besides the "virtual badges"? In the past couple years I received bowling, ice skating passes, sunglasses, a crown, bookmarks among other stuff. Will we be able to still get a book at the end?

Community Sports and Recreation

Sports can help us remain fit and stay in shape our entire life. Canton has a wide variety of sport related activities throughout the community:

I need a "MANUAL" to use this site . . .

Is there somewhere on this site where I can go to find out what all the different categories, sub-categories, buttons (such as EDIT, TRACK, ITEM HISTORY, MY RATINGS, PERSONAL INFO, ETC.) what they all mean and/or what they are used for??

renew my library card please

please renew my library card thank you Maureen Stewart


I've been trying to figure out how to pay my fines online, when I go into my account, it shows the fines and their breakdown, but I cannot seem to find a "pay" option.

Getting kicked back to Login page on My Account

I have recently logged on to check due dates and renew books for myself and two other family members (3 different barcode numbers)and am repeatedly kicked back to the Login page. This happens every time I click any option on the account page..."Renew Selected", "Renew All", "Sort by Due Date", and "My Lists", especially. Is there a known problem with the system or do I need to check a setting on my browser software?

Non-Canton Resident & Metro Net Online Library

Is the MNOL a feature that only orange card members can access? I ask because I'm unable to set up an account with the site using the local library card number that I used to set up my Canton library account.

The eBooks page does say to use your CPL card number but the Loan Policies pages doesn't list it as only available to orange card holders (as it does with video games) so I wanted to ask to be sure.


application for short story contest

Where is the exact location of the entry form for the teen short story writing contest?

Movies About Water

This is an example of the plentiful recommendations we have in store for Summer Reading, which starts Monday, June 21st.

Summer Reading should be fun, right? What could be more fun than a delightfully romantic film?

I know where I'm going — simply one of the best romantic films ever. Shot in the gorgeous western islands of Scotland, the ocean is practically one of the characters in this movie.

Fool's gold — Lost treaure? Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson? Sign me up.

Houseboat — Cary Grant stars as a widowed dad living on a houseboat--who just happens to hire Sophia Loren as a governess.

Three coins in the fountain — It had me at Louis Jourdan.

An affair to remember — It may end at the Empire State Building, but it all starts on a ship.

Operation petticoat — Okay, Okay. This is the third Cary Grant film on my list, but, really — Cary Grant — what's not to like?

The African Queen — has it all: drama, romance, adventure and incredible acting from Hepburn and Bogart.


Romance is great... ...but how about a little action?

The hunt for Red October — Alec Baldwin + Sean Connery + Submarines = Epic win

U-571 — A World War II submarine and espionage thriller. If you're looking for more submarines, try K-19, Crimson Tide, das Boot, or The Abyss.

Captain Horatio Hornblower — A classic film based on the classic series of novels.

Splash — Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah devise a clever plot to rule the ocean in this perennial action favorite. See also The Little Mermaid

Master and commander: the far side of the world — Russell Crowe can really kick butt.

Jaws — I think this one has to do with sharks.

Titanic — No joke: despite the sappy love story, this film is an action-packed James Cameron vehicle.

Have your own suggestions? Post them in the comments for others to enjoy!

Fiction Books About Water

Looking for a few good titles to read for the Adult Summer Reading program? Here are a few recommendations compliments of the Michigan Center For the Book — and because they are fictional stories set in Michigan you can choose to use them for either Stage I (Water) or Stage II (Michigan Author or Setting)!

Fresh water: women writing on the Great Lakes by Alison Swan, editor

Starvation Lake: a mystery by Bryan Gruley

The water dancers by Terry Gamble

If one of these titles isn't right for you, The Michigan Center for the Book has several other Michigan Book Lists available!

Seaside Settings

The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil

The beach house by Jane Green

The Beach Club by Elin Hilderbrand

Happiness Key by Emilie Richards

Pawleys Island: a Lowcountry tale by Dorothea Benton Frank

Jaws by Peter Benchley

Have your own suggestions? Leave them in the comments for others to enjoy!

Local Author Event

It's time for the fourth annual Local Author Event. There are still a few slots open for local authors to share their stories and books with us on Thursday, May 13 at 7:00PM. Please contact Marcia at (734) 397-0999 x1079 if you are a published author and would like to participate. The authors will each be given a few minutes to speak and will then retire to their respective tables to sell their books and talk with fans.


The library purchase from itunes in bulk from requested songs by patrons and sell them at a discount to those patrons and, subsequently, other interested parties. I would like "Ghostriders in the Sky" by The Outlaws just to get it going.

Anna Slaughter, award winning librarian!

I am pleased to announce that one of our librarians has been named a top librarian in Michigan! Anna Slaughter is the 2010 recipient of the Michigan Library Association's Frances H. Pletz Award for excellence in service to teens. I, along with her colleagues from the Children's, Tween, and Teen department and several members of her family, were on hand last night when the award was announced at the MLA conference in Kalamazoo.

CPL has been blessed with supportive patrons and an excellent staff. We are proud to have one of our own singled out for the wonderful work she does with teenagers in our community. Please join me in congratulating Anna on this accomplishment!

Canton Center Road Construction

Update [10/28/2010]: On Saturday, October 30 Wayne County plans to close Palmer Road at Canton Center. This closure is necessary to construct the Canton Center/Palmer Road intersection pavement and should last about 2 weeks. Glenngarry Road at Canton Center will be open to traffic on Saturday. Seabrook at Canton Center will be closed Saturday. Please drive carefully and follow all posted signs.

Update [10/14/2010]: On Monday, October 18 Wayne County plans to begin the paving of the remaining three lanes of Canton Center Road. In addition, paving of Palmer Road east of Canton Center will also begin. Both roads will be open to traffic (with flag control) but there will not be access to Glengarry subdivision from Canton Center Road; use Palmer Road. Please drive carefully, follow all posted signs and plan extra travel time through these construction zones.

Update [10/5/2010]: Civic Center Boulevard construction has been completed and a new traffic pattern has been created. The east driveway of the library is now a right turn only. There is no turnaround on Civic Center. To access westbound Civic Center, Veteran's Way, Heritage Parkway or Summit Parkway, you must use the west driveway to exit the library.

Update [8/31/2010]: Traffic on Canton Center Road has been shifted to the west side. Regular traffic access to the boulevard entry at Civic Center is now restored. Construction continues on the east side of the roadway. Please plan extra time to get to the library, and obey all flagmen and construction signs.

Update [8/6/2010]: Access to Summit Parkway from Canton Center Road is scheduled to be closed until August 12. Use Heritage Park Drive to Veteran's Way to Summit Parkway for access. Please plan extra time to get to the library, and obey all flagmen and construction signs.

Update [7/28/2010]: Paving of the west (library) side of Canton Center Rd. will begin on July 29 and should be completed by August 6. Summit Parkway will be closed during this time, and there will be intermittent lane closures on Canton Center Rd. Please plan extra time to get to the library, and obey all flagmen and construction signs.

Update [6/29/2010]: Inbound (west) Civic Center Boulevard will be closed starting July 6. Outbound (east) Civic Center Boulevard will be switched from its current one-way traffic flow to a two-way traffic flow. Please follow posted detours and use extreme caution when traveling this section of roadway. Also, the sidewalk from Heritage to Civic Center along southbound Canton Center will be torn up. Pedestrians should use the sidewalk that runs along Canton Township Hall to access the library.

Update [5/26/2010]: The traffic on Canton Center Road has been shifted to the east side of the roadway and a new 3-way stop traffic light has been installed at the intersection of Heritage Drive (just north of the library) and Canton Center. Library patrons are advised to use Heritage Drive to enter and exit the library as Civic Center boulevard is frequently blocked by construction vehicles. Follow posted signs to access Canton Township Hall, Canton Public Library and the Summit on the Park.

In April, work begins to widen Canton Center Road to five lanes, from Cherry Hill to south of Palmer. The project is dependent on the weather and is planned to last through November. Check here often for updates and travel advisories.

Intersection improvements at Canton Center and Palmer will make Palmer and Summit Parkway inaccessible for part of the construction. Mast arm traffic signals will be installed at Heritage Park Drive and at Palmer/Summit Parkway. New storm sewers and curbs will be installed along the entire length.

Changes are planned to Civic Center Blvd., specifically narrowing the island closest to Canton Center to ease left turns from Canton Center onto Civic Center and into the Glengarry subdivision. Check out the full pdf of the plan (warning:40mb.) for complete technical details.

Project Phases

April through the first week of May

Utilities relocation and storm sewer work.

Second week of May through mid-July

The west side of Canton Center will be under construction. Two-way traffic will be maintained on the east side of Canton Center. Left turns will be allowed, which may create backups. Summit Parkway will be closed at Canton Center during this period. This is when the work will take place on Civic Center Blvd. The westbound side (closest to Township Hall) will be closed and reconstructed. Two-way traffic will be routed to the eastbound side (library side). There will also be some minor work done at the Heritage Park Dr. intersection during this period. We suggest you use Heritage Park Dr. to Veterans' Way to Civic Center Blvd. to get to the library, the Summit, Heritage Park, and the golf course.

Mid-July through September

Traffic will shift to the west side of Canton Center, with work taking place on the east side. Palmer will be closed at Canton Center during this period. Cherry Hill will be the posted alternate route.

October and November

Finish work on the center lane, lane markings, signals, and clean-up.


There are no plans to install a traffic signal at Canton Center and Civic Center. The close proximity of the signals at Heritage Park and Summit Parkway do not warrant another traffic signal between them.

Work may take place evenings and weekends.

so, soulsilver or heartgold anyone?

kyaaaaaaaa!!!! really like
i got soulsilver yesterday!!! angel tis the awesomeness! if only
whistle thumbs up love it
the pokewalker thing is so much fun too love it
im so happy now that i do so much walking at school XD happy
in one day i can so so much! shy
(god i love these smilies if only ..)
but i reccomend the new gold and silver games to all those pokenerds out there! i wasnt going to get it at first but when kitsune said she was getting heartgold and i saw the cewl pokewalkers i couldnt resist X3 no please no and you can talk to people through your ds using wifi!! Laughing out loud beautiful thats pimp!
yeah thats about it :3

sheesh im trying to get this forum booming again!!! argh

what does "Available Hold Shelf" mean?

I looked on the hold shelf and asked at the reference desk but with no resolution. I requested The Whale by Philip Hoare, a new book. I was told by reference to look over with the new books, but it was not there. I'm confused! My account says "Available Hold Shelf", and that sounds like the book's ready for pick up! It was not on the Hold Shelf. Thanks for your help.

Hidden Gems

Alright, name a manga or anime you've read or seen that's awesome that you don't think too many people know about, but should. Have you got your own hidden gem you've discovered? Maybe there's something you wish they would release in the U.S. and they haven't yet. Here's your chance to speak your mind.
lots of talking

Personally I'm really curious about Kobato, the new series by CLAMP. The manga's coming out this spring state side, but who knows when the anime will get here. I think it just aired in Japan a little bit ago. I've read really good things about it though, so I really want to read/see it. I tend to like CLAMP though, I admit, so I'm biased.

what has happened?

holy crap my login still works!!!
holy hell guys, what has happened to the animanga web site?
i fall off the face of the earth and this what happens?
jk, but still i was kinda looking forward to seeing all the activity ive missed. at least the actual meetings are alive and well.
oh how i miss everyone.
you to nerd-kun! i miss you a lot too!
anywho, we need to get these forums party-ing again!
and why did the forums have to change so much? they were much better the way they were.
how are the meetings going? able to keep everyone controlled nerd-kun? showing good animes, having a good time, eating lots of pocky? ahh, thats the life ^_^

Audio Books

I've been listening to audio books from the library for close to 3 years. Recently I've noticed that the last CD in the book has some sort of covering adheared to the CD. The extra thickness causes "load error" or "eject error" when loading or ejecting this CD. What is the purpose of the covering?