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New Views of the Universe

Looking for the latest groundbreaking books providing a new take on some of cosmology's most profound questions? If you want to tour some of the strange and wonderful universes that modern physics posits that just might-be out there, turn to our latest collection of titles.

Cycles of time: an extraordinary new view of the universe by Roger Penrose

The book of universes: exploring the limits of the cosmos by John D. Barrow

The grand design by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow

Once before time: a whole story of the universe by Martin Bojowald

Cosmos: a journey to the beginning of time and space by Giles Sparrow; foreword by Dava Sobel

The universe and beyond by Terence Dickinson; foreword by Edward G. Gibson

The elements: a visual exploration of every known atom in the universe by Theodore Gray; photographs by Theodore Gray and Nick Mann

First contact: scientific breakthroughs in the hunt for life beyond Earth by Marc Kaufman