STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.  Check out the sites below to explore these fascinating subjects.  There are interesting facts to discover and fun games to try out.  General grade-range recommendations are provided for each site, but you may find useful info and entertaining activities on sites outside of your grade level as well.

General STEAM sites

Career Aisle Elementary and Middle School: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
(Elementary & Junior High) Want to get a job some day in a STEM field?  Explore career opportunities here.

(Elementary) Explore a virtual museum with games, shows, and live interactions. 

Girls in STEM
(Upper Elementary - Junior High) Explore this guide (primarily for middle school girls but useful to others) that includes STEM sites, books, and organizations.

(Elementary - High School) Engage your curiosity and imagination about STEM and other subjects through a variety of media.

(Elementary - High School) Gain coding skills through guided activities.

(Upper Elementary and older) Learn about codes and ciphers in this site from the National Security Agency.

Kids Science Challenge
(Elementary) The Kids’ Science Challenge (KSC) is a free, nationwide science competition for students in grades 3 through 6.    Read about how to participate, learn about the winners, and explore the games and other materials on the site.

Kinetic City

(Elementary) Try out games and activities that will challenge your knowledge of science.

NASA Kids Club
and NASA Education for Students
(Elementary, Junior High, and High School) Discover the wonders of space and space travel.

National Geographic Kids
(Elementary) Like animals?  Learn more about them and other aspects of nature here.

Peep and the Big Wide World
(Preschool) Explore Science with activities and games based on the Peep TV show.

(Elementary - High School) Gain experience with computer programming by creating your own interactive stories, games, and animation.

Science Buddies Science Fair Projects
(Elementary - High School) Browse over 1,150 different projects or use the Topic Selection Wizard to help find projects for you.

Science Kids: Fun Science & Technology for Kids
(Elementary - Junior High) Learn about biology, chemistry, computers, electricity, and more through games, videos, and fun experiments you can do.

(Junior High - High School) Explore the elements through an interactive Periodic Table.


Build with Chrome
(Elementary - High School) Build with virtual LEGO® bricks.

(Junior High - High School) Click on "I'm A Student" to watch videos and explore activities all about engineering.

DuckieDeck Engineering Games
(Preschool) Play simple games that teach about engineering.

eGFI - Dream Up The Future

(Elementary - High School) Explore careers in Engineering and read the eGFI magazine online.

Engineering Games
(Elementary) Explore a variety of engineering games.

PBS Kids Engineering Games
(Elementary) Play fun building and problem-solving games.

ARTS sites

Artists Toolkit
(Elementary - Junior High) Learn about basic concepts in visual art, such as color, shape, texture, and more.

(Junior High) Take a tour of the arts, including music, sculpture, painting, and theater.

Arts Edge - Students

(Junior High - High School) Explore the diversity of the arts, including music, dance, theater, and the visual arts.

Creative Kids Central

(Elementary) Discover the world of classical music.

First Palette
(Elementary) Explore free kids' crafts, art activities, and printables.

Fun English Games
(Elementary - Junior High) Play around with different forms and aspects of writing, including stories, debates, grammar, and more.

Jacob's Pillow Dance Interactive
(Elementary - High School) Explore the world of dance, including ballet, tap, cultural, modern, and more.

My StoryMaker
(Elementary) Create fun stories by choosing characters, settings, and using either pre-generated text or your own words.

(Elementary - High School) Create a head drawing in the style of artist Pablo Picasso.

(Elementary - High School) Create a word cloud.


Bedtime Math
(Preschool - Elementary) Stretch your brain with math problems to solve.

Discovery Education Math Homework Help

(Elementary - High School) Learn about basic math concepts through this collection of short videos.

(Elementary - Junior High) Enjoy math games and book excerpts.

(Elementary - High School) Get inspired when you see math and science in a whole new light via virtual thrill rides, games, and more.

(Elementary - High School) Solve math problems as quickly as you can in this unique game.

Team Umizoomi

(Preschool) Try out games, printables, and crafts that explore simple math concepts.