hoopla eAudiobooks

Have you discovered how easy it is to listen to an audiobook from hoopla? You can either download or stream the recording onto your device, and there are about 9,800 titles for you to choose for yourself and your children. Open a hoopla account with your CPL card to start. Use 'hoopla digital' as keyword to search in our catalog, or just browse on the hoopla site. 


I am missing some basic 'how to use Hoopla' information and it does not seem to be readily available. The library website says Hoopla is easy; you can download or stream. So I sign up and check out an audiobook only to find that it is only streamable. I'm looking for audiobooks to download to my MP3 player. Please help!

Thank you for your question! Hoopla is a very app-based service, so it doesn't give you a file that you can transfer over to an MP3 player. If your MP3 player is an MP3 player that has an app store, such as an iPod touch, then you can download the hoopla app. Once you borrow a title, there will be a small icon of a cloud with an arrow pointed downwards. This is a download button, which downloads the title from the cloud and onto your device for offline listening.

If you have an MP3 player that does not support apps, then I would suggest using our OverDrive service for your audiobooks. Here are a set of instructions on how to download audiobooks to an MP3 player by using OverDrive.