Budget Hearing Minutes

The hearing was called to order by the Chairperson, Kim Schulz, at 7:31 PM.

Present: N. Eggenberger, M. Farell, S. Foster, T. Hartnett, K. Schulz
Absent:J. Fausone
Also Present: E. Davis, K. Gladden

Budget Hearing

The Proposed 2014 Budget Hearing was opened for discussion. There were no comments from the public.

2014 Proposed Budget Approval

T. Hartnett moved and N. Eggenberger supported the motion to adopt the Proposed 2014 budget amount of $5,599,410. (See Attachment A)

The motion passed unanimously 13/09-19-1-BH

Tax Resolution

T. Hartnett moved and N. Eggenberger supported the resolution to approve certifying the rate for tax levy of 1.5437 mills for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2014. (See Attachment B)

Roll call vote: Thomas Hartnett: yes
Michelle Farell: yes
Sommer Foster: yes
Nancy Eggenberger: yes
Kimberly Schulz: yes

The motion passed unanimously 13/09-19-2-BH


The budget hearing was adjourned at 7:34 PM.