Tarot Workshop

Join us for a two-hour beginner workshop and learn practical ways of incorporating Tarot into your everyday life. We will cover the symbolism of the suits in the Tarot deck and learn how to ask the right questions to get the most out of your readings. We will practice basic readings for ourselves and talk about simple ways to begin memorizing the meanings of cards. Bring your deck and a notebook to write in! All skill levels welcome, ages 12+


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Movie Presentation: Essential Arrival

Join local film maker, Arifa Javed, for a special showing of her documentary Essential Arrival

Immigration is a hot-button political issue in America these days, but, unsurprisingly, that contentious, narrow debate tells only part of the story. This film seeks to broaden the immigration conversation by turning attention to Indian immigrants, often deemed a 'model minority' for their focus on higher education and their rapid collective progression up the economic ladder. Given the unique demands of America's new-age, hi-tech economy going forward, Indian immigrants, who hold disproportionate numbers of degrees in science and technology fields, stand to be among the primary driving forces of American progress in the 21st century. In playing that role, this diverse group follows in a grand tradition that should be familiar to all Americans, evoking cultural pluralism, the immigrant experience and the American Dream.

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Put It in Writing

When was the last time you wrote a real, paper-and-pen letter? 

E-mail and social media are part of our everyday lives now, but that does not mean we have to let letters fall by the wayside. It’s still lovely to receive a letter in the mail, and it’s equally lovely to sit down and write one.

Whether you’re a regular pen-pal or can’t remember the last letter you wrote, join us for a fun filled letter-writing session. Reach out to family and friends or pen a special note to a service member. This casual, fun filled event will have you feeling nostalgic for good old fashioned snail mail! We’ll have lots of paper, cards, envelopes and even snacks. 


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LowTech'tober October 2018

The Canton Public Library is always working to understand the role technology plays in people's lives and provide relevant services and innovative experiences. We also know that mobile devices and electronic gadgets are consuming more and more of our time. Inspired by the book Bored and Brilliant by Manoush Zomorodi, we are introducing LowTech'tober a month long programming theme designed to promote community wellness and technology balance. Throughout the month of October we will be offering tips as well as programs and activities to help you pursue a balanced use of technology in daily life. 

Put It In Writing - Join us for an opportunity to write a good old fashioned paper letter.

Bad Art Night -  Leave your phone at home and join us for a freestyle crafting event.

Low Tech Day - Join us in the Children's Library for fun, technology free activities

Fall Florals - Create a gorgeous centerpiece to enjoy at home. 

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Worry Less Now!

Learn specific techniques to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones so you can face your troubling times with courage, hope, and wisdom. 

Gigi Langer holds a PhD from Stanford University and just published “50 Ways to Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking To Find Peace, Clarity, And Connection" available after the workshop. www.gigilanger.com or FB Gigi Langer Author.

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The Pom Poms are piling up! Have you added to the colorful display? If not, here's how you can get a Pom Pom:

  • Purple Pom Poms are given out at all library programs.
  • Red Pom Poms are given out for talking with a librarian about a book you have read, a movie you have watched or for doing something library related.
  • Orange Pom Poms are given out for activities in the library like working on the puzzle or taking a selfie with Thorndyke. 

Let's fill the case together! 

Questions? See any library staff member for help.

The Canton Public Library invites you to sip lemonade and get to know your neighbors on Canton's Front Porch. This summer we hope to capture the summertime tradition of the front porch, a place to relax and connect with your neighbors, by transforming the front of the library into a giant front porch.  Our community is stronger when we meet and know one another, so stop by to rock, relax and enjoy conversation with fellow community members.

Ice cold lemonade will be served (while supplies last) during scheduled dates and times. Be sure to stop by to enjoy Canton Public Library's hospitality.

Pinterest Live: Summer Camp Edition

Looking to have fun with your neighbors during the Best 62 Days of Summer? Check out our Pinterest board for all things summer camp related and then come to the library to try out our favorite pins! We will be crafting and snacking together in our own version of summer camp!


Adults 18 and older are welcome to register and attend. Registration will begin June 21.

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