Meeting Minutes -- July 20, 2006

July 20, 2006
7:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, James Fausone, at 7:30 p.m. 

Present: J. Fausone, J. Gillig, G. Snow, C. Young, N. Williams

Absent:  R. Eva,

Also Present:  J. Tabor, S. Rzetelny, H. Freeman


Howard Freeman - no comments


The agenda was approved as presented.


The minutes of the June 15th meeting were approved as submitted.




  • Summer reading continues to be a success but the numbers are slightly down this year. The new Adult Summer Reading Program has drawn 345 participants.
  • The second State Aid check was received. The total is less than budgeted - $55,162.
    Jean was informed that State Aid is expected to be slightly higher next year.
  • The café is up to date on all their payments and Paul is still pleased with the numbers
  • TLN has hired Tammy Turgeon from the Suburban Library Cooperative as part time interim TLN Director. TLN may combine with the Suburban Coop. Both coops are on the same automation system, which could prove to be an advantage. In addition all coop directors statewide are meeting to discuss the future of coops in the state.


  • Two carpet samples were presented for approval. Shaw will cover the carpet replacement and the labor, however they are unlikely to cover the removal of the old adhesive which could cost an extra $10,000 (adhesive removal was recommended for a better installation by the installers). The stacks will not be moved but staff will remove books from the bottom shelves so they can be lifted and carpet placed beneath them. If approved, installation can begin in 4-6 weeks. Installation will take place at times when the library is closed and there is no estimation on completion time.

Motion by J. Fausone to approve the carpet samples for adult and children's departments. Second by J. Gillig.

The motion passed 7/06-20-1


  • Retiree Health Benefits - Discussion was held regarding amending the retiree health benefits to include limited credit for part time years worked. Chairman, J. Fausone requested additional information from Plante & Moran and the discussion was tabled until the next meeting.
  • Extended Library Hours - Trustee Snow explained his intent when requesting the library be open additional hours both in Plymouth and Canton.

    Motion by G. Snow to extend the library hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 9:00 pm. Second by C. Young 

The motion failed 7/06-20-2

Second Quarter Budget Amendment - Review of amendments.Motion by C. Young to approve the 2nd Quarter Budget Amendment. Second by N. Williams. The motion passed 7/06-20-3

  • Salary Range Policy - Discussion was held regarding revision to Section H.4.c of the salary adjustment section of the policy. 

    Motion by J. Fausone to remove Section H.4.c. from the Salary Range Policy. Second by J. Gillig. 

    The motion passed 7/06-20-4


Jean will to check on the Property Tax Disbursement from the Township.


No comments.


The meeting was adjourned by the Board Chairman at 8:35 p.m.

Rick Eva - Board Secretary