Meeting Minutes -- February 21, 2008

February 21, 2008
7:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, James Gillig, at 7:25 p.m.

Present: J. Fausone, J. Gillig, G. Snow, C. Young, N. Williams, C. Van Auken


Also Present: E. Davis, A. Heidemann, P. Majkowski 


No Comments. (R. Havenstein-Coughlin)


The agenda was approved as submitted.


Minutes of the January 17th meeting were approved as submitted.


  • Thank you note for Eva Davis and Laurie Golden's visit to the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park radio station 88.1 FM.. 
  • Note from Canton Township Leisure Services thanking the library for involvement in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day events. 
  • Thank you note from former director Jean Tabor. 


  • Updated schedule of loan periods, which includes no limit on most items. 
  • Promotional packet for Everyone's Reading, which the library is pleased to be part of again this year. 
  • Eva met with Eric Hess from Jungle Java. The profit & loss statements in the packet demonstrate the dramatic increase in profits over the past two months. Chairman Gillig asked about the difference between December and January sales and cost of goods. Eva will follow up on this, as well as on the issue of increased salary cost. 
  • Eva met with Debbie Green, director of the Belleville Library and included an article from the Belleview View in the packet. 
  • Eva shared an article from the Detroit News about property tax assessments brought to her attention by Trustee Fausone for follow up with the Township. We will not know for a few more weeks what the impact of assessments will be on our 2009 revenue. Residential property taxes will be down about 10% but commercial and personal property are not known yet. Eva met with Rick Eva, who suggested that we put more in the budget for property tax refunds next year. 
  • Eva was contacted by a potential board candidate, who she referred to Chairman Gillig, Board members who are considering running again should see the clerk at the township. 
  • Dave Sanctorum, our representative from Community Financial, informed us that the ATM has been running out of money so they are increasing the stock of money in it to $7000 from $5000. Community Financial is pleased that the ATM is being used. 
  • First Grade Round-Up will take place in March. 
  • Included in the packet are some proposed changes to rules regarding the disbursement of state aid to libraries from the Library of Michigan. Eva is happy to pass along feedback from board members. In the past we have not counted the number of visitors per day but we have now installed a door counter which will allow us to take that count, as this will be required information should the new state aid rules become effective. 


Roof Replacement Presentation - Paul Majkowski - PSI

Paul Majokowski from PSI presented information about the proposals for roof replacement, including his recommendation that the library select a white, thicker membrane PVC material. 

Paul thanked the library for working with PSI. 

Jim Fausone moved and Cecil Young supported a motion to select the galvanized perimeter flashing.

2/08-21-1 The motion passed unanimously.

HVAC Replacement Proposal - Eva explained the process for deaccessioning the old HVAC units, including a timeline for the process, scheduled to take place the week of April 7th, weather and frost laws permitting. Monday evening, April 7th, Trane will disconnect the two units, bleed off the refrigerant and then the morning of Tuesday, April 8th the crane will start in the front and by mid-morning be ready to lift off the old unit in the front. The crane will then move to the back and repeat the process in early afternoon. The library could remain open for business and close off just the portions of the library under and within a 15-foot radius of the crane's path, or alternately, the building could be closed in its entirety. The board tabled the discussion of closing the library and will discuss further at the March meeting. 

Jim Fausone moved and Cecil Young supported a motion to accept the proposal from Trane for up to $154,130, with direction given to the director to modify ‘Exclusions' so material damage to asphalt or concrete is covered by Trane/Trane subcontractors, with ‘material damage' defined as restoration costs in excess of $2000.

2/08-21-2 The motion passed unanimously.

Online Bookstore - Jim Fausone reviewed the contract and recommended some modifications. The Friends met last Wednesday and are ready to move forward with the final contract, which they will do with the IT Department Head Leo Papa. They will report back when ready. Fausone noted that Papa did a nice job following up with other libraries currently using the system. 




No Comments.

Jim Gillig moved and Jim Fausone supported a motion to move into closed session to discuss a written attorney-client privileged letter.

Roll call vote:
Jim Gillig - yes
Jim Fausone - yes
George Snow - yes
Cecil Young - yes
Nancy Williams - yes
Colleen Van Auken - yes

2/08-21-3 The motion passed unanimously



Meeting was adjourned at 9:01 p.m.

Nancy Williams - Secretary-Treasurer