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Theme — Trains




Find many train themed songs on these CDs from the Canton Public Library:


  • Crafts
    • Train Shapes — Cut out construction paper shapes into the shape of a train (rectangle - boiler, triangle — cow catcher, square — engineer's cabin, upside-down triangle — funnel, 3 circles — wheels). Have the children glue together. Add cotton on for smoke
    • Milk Carton Caboose — Rinse out milk carton (pint, quart, or half gallon). Press the top flap down and tape shut. Use white paper and tape to wrap the carton. Cut four circles from cardboard and cover the circles with foil. Glue these onto the sides of the carton for wheels. Use markers to add windows and doors to the train
  • Active Play
    • Train Cars — Use one large cardboard box per child. Cut top and bottom off. Make shoulder straps from heavy ribbon. Let them paint their own train cars. Use small painted paper plates for the wheels. Line them up and let them march and sing "Workin on the railroad."
    • Train Station — Set up chairs in rows like on a train and maybe a table where you buy tickets. Bring in some suitcases. Make passports and get them stamped