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Theme — Pets





  • Kitty Collage
    • Need: Old Cards, Magazines, paper, Glue, Scissors
    • Directions: Let Children find and cut or tear out pictures of cats from greeting cards and magazines. Paste their cats on pieces of constructions paper.
  • Copy Cat
    • Have one child be the CAT and clap a rhythm for the group. The other children listen and then be the COPY CATS. They clap the same rhythm as he CAT did. Another child now becomes the CAT and creates a rhythm for the COPY CATS to imitate.
  • Dog bone dig
    • Get some dog biscuits, shaped like bones. Bury them in to a plastic tub filled with beans. The students can take turns digging them up. You can also divided up in teams, and each team has 1 minute to dig up as many as they can. The kids love acting like dogs!