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Theme — Frogs


For Toddlers (ages 18 months-3 years)

For Preschoolers (age 4-5 years)




  • Crafts
    • Frog Puppet — Use brown lunch bags for the body, and have paper cutouts of a frog head, frog mouth, arms and legs and a tongue that the children first color, and then glue to the paper bags. The head goes on top of the bag, and the mouth part and tongue underneath as to make a moveable, talkable frog!
    • Frog finger-painting — On a pre cut lily pad shape have the kids use their hands as a frog and jump with green paint on the lily pads
    • Pond Sweet Pond — Paint a rock green. When the paint is dry glue on wiggle eyes. Next glue pieces of grass and twigs onto a white, sterilized Styrofoam tray when the glue is dry cover the tray with blue plastic wrap securing the wrap to the back of the tray with tape. Finally glue the rock frog onto a construction paper lily pad. Place the frog on top of the pond
  • Snacks
    • Frog in the Pond — Make blue Jell-O with the children. Before the Jell-O has hardened insert gummy worms and gummy frogs
    • Frog Food — A bag of plain m&m's (for bugs), a box of raisins (for flies), chow mein noodles or small stick pretzels(for worms), goldfish crackers (for small fish)
    • Frog Floats — A clear cup filled with lime sherbet, 7-up or sprite, a straw, and m&m's or marshmallows to represent the frog's two eyes
    • Lily Pad Frog Snack — Color cream cheese with food coloring. Give each child wax paper square with a dollop of colored cream cheese, 1/2 muffin, three cucumber slices, one gummy frog, and a plastic knife. Have children spread cream cheese on muffin (pond) and arrange cucumber slices on top (lily pads). Add gummy frog and eat!