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Theme — Bugs





  • Bug Snacks
    • Apple Ladybugs — Cut an apple in half. Use 1/2 apple for body. Dot peanut butter on skin. Place raisins on apple where peanut butter is for spots. Use marshmallow on toothpick for head. Use a Pull 'n Peel' Twizzlers for antennas
    • Worms and Dirt — Place Oreo cookies in a sandwich bag and crush them. Then dump them into to paper cup and add gummy worms
    • Butterflies — Cut a small piece of celery for the body of the butterfly. Spread some cream cheese or peanut butter inside of the stalk of celery. Add 4 small folded pretzels for the butterfly wings. Add 2 strings of black licorice for the antennas
  • Bug Crafts
    • Ladybugs — Use a round rock the size of your fist. Have the children paint the rock in red and let dry. With a large black felt marker, draw a line in the center, some dots and glue eyes
    • Spiderwebs — Cut black construction paper to fit inside a round cake pan. Place the paper in the pan. Dip a marble in white paint and place in the pan. Let the children tip the pan back and forth so that the marble rolls, making a paint trail that looks like a web. Glue a plastic spider to the webs