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Sports Biographies


GriffeyGriffey, Ken, Jr. Ken Griffey, Jr.: A Biography. (JBIO GRIFFEY) by Bill Gutman, 152 pgs.

JeterJeter, Derek. Derek Jeter: A Biography. (JBIO JETER) by Robert Craig, 114 pgs.

MantleMantle, Mickey. The Last Hero: The Life of Mickey Mantle. (BIO MANTLE) by David Falkner, 254 pgs.

SosaSosa, Sammy. At the Plate with Sammy Sosa. (JBIO SOSA) by Matt Christopher, 108 pgs.


BarkleyBarkley, Charles. Charles Barkley: Star Forward. (JBIO BARKLEY) by Ron Knapp, 104 pgs.

Cooper, Cynthia. She Got Game: My Personal Odyssey. (BIO COOPER) by Cynthia Cooper, 229 pgs.

Leslie, Lisa. On the Court with Lisa Leslie. (JBIO LESLIE) by Matt Christopher, 109 pgs.

OlajuwanOlajuwan, Hakeem. Living the Dream: My Life and Basketball. (JBIO OLAJUWAN) by Hakeem Olajuwan, 300 pgs.

Boxing & Wrestling

Louis, Joe. (boxer) Joe Louis: Heavyweight Champion. (JBIO LEWIS) by Robert Jakoubek, 127 pgs.

RockThe Rock. (wrestler) The Rock Says : The Most Electrifying Man in Sports. (796.812 R) by The Rock, 292 pgs.

SekulesSekules, Kate. (boxer) The Boxer's Heart: How I Fell in Love with the Ring. (796.83 S) by Kate Sekules, 238 pgs.


Balanchine, George. (choreographer) George Balanchine: American Ballet Master. (JBIO BALANCHINE) by Davida Kristy, 128 pgs.

Graham, Martha. (dancer) Martha Graham: A Dancer's Life. (JBIO GRAHAM) by Russell Freedman, 175 pgs.

JamisonJamison, Judith. (dancer) Dancing Spirit: An Autobiography. (BIO JAMISON) by Judith Jamison, 272 pgs.

Pavlova, Anna. (dancer) Anna Pavlova: Genius of the Dance. (BIO PAVLOVA) by Ellen Levine, 132 pgs.


Deion SandersSanders, Deion. Deion Sanders: Star Athlete. (JBIO SANDERS) by Jeff Savage, 104 pgs.

Emmitt SmithSmith, Emmitt. On the Field with Emmitt Smith. (JBIO SMITH) by Matt Christopher, 118 pgs.

Steve YoungYoung, Steve. In the Huddle with Steve Young. (JBIO YOUNG) by Matt Christopher, 131 pgs.


MoceanuMoceanu, Dominique. Dominique Moceanu: An American Champion. (JBIO MOCEANU) by Dominique Moceanu, 112 pgs.

StrugStrug, Kerri. Landing on My Feet: A Diary of Dreams. (796.44 S) by Kerri Strug, 191 pgs.

Ice Hockey

Gretsky, Wayne. On the Ice with Wayne Gretsky. (JBIO GRETSKY) by Matt Christopher, 133 pgs.

McCarty, Darren. Rinkside: A Family's Story of Courage and Inspiration. (796.962 M) by Craig McCarty, 198 pgs.

Ice Skating

Jansen, Dan. (Olympic speed skater) Full Circle: An Olympic Champion Shares His Breakthrough Story. (BIO JANSEN) by Dan Jansen, 215 pgs.

KwanKwan, Michelle. (figure skater) Michelle Kwan, Heart of a Champion: An Autobiography. (JBIO KWAN) by Michelle Kwan, 151 pgs.

LipinskiLipinski, Tara. (figure skater) On the Ice with Tara Lipinski. (JBIO LIPINSKI) by Matt Christopher, 110 pgs.


AkersAkers, Michelle. (World Cup champion) The Game and the Glory: An Autobiography. (796.334 A) by Michelle Akers, 240 pgs.

Mia HammHamm, Mia. (World Cup champion) On the Field with Mia Hamm. (JBIO HAMM) by Matt Christopher, 111 pgs.

Other Sports

Lance ArmstrongArmstrong, Lance. (cyclist, Tour de France winner, cancer patient) It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. (BIO ARMSTRONG) by Lance Armstrong, 275 pgs.

Alison HargreavesHargreaves, Alison. (mountain climber) Regions of the Heart: The Triumph and Tragedy of Alison Hargreaves. (BIO HARGREAVES) by David Rose and Ed Douglas, 277 pgs.

Tony HawkHawk, Tony. (skateboarder) Hawk: Occupation Skateboarder. (YA BIO HAWK) by Tony Hawk with Sean Mortimer, 307 pgs.

Marion JonesJones, Marion. (runner, Olympic medal winner) See How She Runs: Marion Jones and the Making of a Champion (796.422 R) by Ron Rapoport, 212 pgs.

Babe ZahariasZaharias, Babe Didrikson. (runner, golfer, Olympic medal winner) Babe Didrikson Zaharias: The Making of a Champion. (JBIO ZAHARIAS) by Russell Freedman, 192 pgs.