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Savvy Seniors: June 2013

If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about youMichigan's state motto is "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you." One of the best places to find out what's going on around the state is the Pure Michigan website. Fairs, festivals, cultural events, sports, exhibits. Visitors can find hotel packages, dining recommendations, hot spots, and more.

A 1000 Mile Walk on the Beach with Loreen Niewenhuis

Michigan native Loreen Niewenhuis has always had a connection to and deep love of Lake Michigan. She decided to make the 1000 mile trek around the lake and then wrote A 1000 Mile Walk on the Beach: One Woman's Trek of the Perimeter of Lake Michigan. Next, she decided to touch every Great Lake and her second big trek resulted in A 1000 Mile Great Lakes Walk. Loreen will share her fascinating story with us on August 15 at 7:00 PM. She will also sell and sign her books for our enjoyment. Don't miss this one.

Summer Bike Safety Program

As part of our Connect Your Summer reading program Opening Day activities on June 17, we will be hosting a two hour Bike Safety drop in from 2:00-4:00 PM. A representative from the Canton Police department will be here to talk about the rules of the road and staff from the Trading Post will come in to talk helmet safety and fittings, bike inspection and other aspects of riding that will keep you safe this summer. This program will take place in the back parking lot of the library. Ride on in and be well!

Bicycle Rack by Theen Moy is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Canton Seniors Book Discussion: September 26, 2013

Canton Seniors Book Group will meet on Thursday, September 26 from 2:00-3:00PM in Canton Public Library's Group Study Room A. We will be discussing The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey by Candace Millard. Copies of the book are distributed at the meeting or request a copy at the Adult Help Desk. No registration required.

River of doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's darkest journey by Candice Millard. The River of Doubt--it is a black, uncharted tributary of the Amazon that snakes through one of the most treacherous jungles in the world. Indians armed with poison-tipped arrows haunt its shadows; piranhas glide through its waters; boulder-strewn rapids turn the river into a roiling cauldron. After his humiliating election defeat in 1912, Roosevelt set his sights on the most punishing physical challenge he could find, the first descent of an unmapped, rapids-choked tributary of the Amazon. This is the true story of his journey.

Thorndyke Thoughts

   Hey Kids, Thorndyke here with an LB update. He just returned from a fascinating trip to Washington D.C., our nation's capital. Not only did he get to enjoy some beautiful weather and some delicious Joe Muggs coffee at Books-A-Million, but he got to tour Embassy Row. This is the street in Washington D.C. where all the Embassies are located. What's an Embassy? It's the office (or sometimes the home) of the Ambassador, the person appointed to represent his or her country's government in another country. So, for example, if you wanted to visit the American Embassy, you'd have to go to a different country to do so. How did I get so smart you ask? I looked up the word "embassy" in the dictionary. So visiting Embassy Row in D.C. is like getting to tour the whole world with out leaving home. It looks like LB made some new friends at the Saudi Arabia Embassy. 
   And just in case any of you are wondering, I did learn that, sadly, they were not building me a bear cave here in the library. But that's okay, I'm happy to stay where I am, so I can keep a close eye on all of you.

Will Travel for Food

Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey kids, I told you LB was still at it. He just got home from his last trip for a while, a week in Chicago, Illinois. Now, LB's been to Chicago before (briefly) and I'm sure that many of you have been there too, being that it is so close. But I haven't, so most of what LB saw was new to me. First of all, LB got to take the train. It's the second time he's ridden one. I think LB just has to go on a cruise ship and he'll have experienced pretty much every type of transportation there is. And he got to meet Sue. Have you met Sue? She's big and has a very nice smile. She's a T-Rex skeleton at the Field Museum. And he spent a bit of time exploring Nacy Pier where he rode a ferris wheel and he went to the top of the Willis Tower. Apparently LB is not afraid of heights. He's been lots of places way up high! But I think he's ready to stay put for a while. I'm glad because it's been lonely around here without him.

Bear Hugs!

Thorndyke Thoughts

Γεια σας παιδιά! Now don't adjust your screen — that's just "Hi Kids" in Greek. Yup, LB just got back from exploring Greece. Looks like he had lots of fun eating lobster, seeing ancient art and swimming in the ocean. I bet you know more about Greece than you think you do. The Olympics originated there, and you know all those gods in the Percy Jackson books you like? Yup. They're from Greece too. And if you like Baklava, they make it in Greece. Yum! Sounds like a place I'd like to go. Keep you eyes open.

World Series 2012

Major League Baseball is jetting toward the World Series faster than vendors can toss hot dogs to the hungry crowd. This year the World Series begins on October 24, 2012, so only a little over a month away. Will the Detroit Tigers make it into the playoffs? Only time will tell. We are one game behind the White Sox, so keep your fingers crossed and check out our awesome books and dvd's hightlighting Detroit's finest. Go Tigers!

The Detroit Tigers: a pictorial celebration of the greatest players and moments in Tigers history by William M. Anderson

Great Fourth Grade Reads

Looking for some great Fourth Grade reads? Try some of these:

The strange case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger

The one and only Ivan by Katherine Applegate; illustrations by Patricia Castelao

Tales of a fourth grade nothing by Judy Blume; illustrated by Roy Doty

Thorndyke Thoughts

Ciao ragazzi. That's Italian for "Hi Kids". LB is at it again. He justreturned from a pretty amazing trip to Rome and Venice in Italy. You know, the birthplace of pizza and gelato. Mmmmm. Course there are lots of other neat things to do and see in Italy besides eat. You can visit things like the Coliseum and the Pantheon in Rome that were built way back in Roman times (a long long time ago — before even your grandparents were born). You can ride a gondola in Venice like LB did. Venice has more canals then streets so gondolas are special boat taxis. Looking at LB's pictures is making me hungry. I think it's time for lunch.

Top 10 Reasons to Pick up a CPL Reusable Canvas Bag

It's back-to-school time--a great time to pick up one of our sturdy canvas tote bags. People use them not just at the library, but at the grocery store, at school and more. We present a top 10 list of why you should get one!
  1. Eco-friendly unbleached canvas
  2. Holds even the really, really big books
  3. Helps keep down the cost of gasoline and petroleum products
  4. Some stores give you a credit when you bring your own bag
  5. You'll save the lives of 14 million trees
  6. You can personalize it with decorations
  7. Makes a fabulous trick-or-treat bag and Halloween is right around the corner
  8. Long wide straps make it easy to carry
  9. It makes a great gift
  10. Only $2 while supplies last!

Travel to the Wild

Chow Down Delights: Trail of Crumbs

Trail of crumbs: hunger, love, and the search for home: a memoir by Kim Sunee — one woman's story of the strength, perseverance, and passion that food brought to her life. At the age of three Kim Sunée was abandoned at a South Korean marketplace by her mother. Left with only a handful of food Sunée survived three days and nights before a she was found by a police officer. Adopted by a family in New Orleans she was one of two Asian children in her community growing up. At 21 she became involved with a French businessman, moved abroad, and gained the title of stepmother to his eight year old daughter. Throughout her journey whenever she felt uneasy, lonely or out of place preparing and cooking gourmet meals brought her comfort and calm.

Continental Cuisine

Chow Down Delights: The Year of Eating Dangerously

The year of eating dangerously: a global adventure in search of culinary extremes by Tom Parker Bowles — In this book, Bowles travels to ‘hot’ culinary locales around the world to sample the unique and sometimes bizarre cuisine. He examines the relativity of food and proclaims that "one man’s pea is another man’s tripe."

London Travel

Even if you can't make it to the Olympics in London this summer, you can use these books to plan (or daydream about) a trip to this fantastic city.

Fodor's 25 best London by Louise Nicholson; [additional writing by Sue Dobson]

London by main contributor, Michael Leapman

Frommer's London day by day by Joe Fullman