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Today at CPL

Today at CPL — October 4, 2010

On August 25, 1992, President of the United States George H.W. Bush visited Canton Township as part of his '92 campaign. After a campaign rally address in Heritage Park, President Bush attended an economic summit at Canton Public Library with Michigan Governor John Engler. More materials, courtesy of the George Bush Presidential Library:
Special thanks to the George Bush Presidential Library for providing these wonderful artifacts.

Also, celebrate CPL's 30th with a contest related to this post, or with 30 Favorite Pet Books.

Today at CPL — October 3, 2010

All this month we will highlight aspects of CPL's history, so stay tuned.

Today's look back focuses on Summer Reading. CPL's Summer Reading began in 1981, with "Adventures '81 At The Library". In 1982, from June 1 to August 6, Canton children joined the Summer Reading club "Camp Wanna Read a Book."

According to the June 1982 issue of "The Patron's Page" (Vol. 1, No. 1), this program included a magic show, mime presentation, puppet show, sing-along, story festival, skating party, talent show, games, and craft days.

What other Summer Reading themes have there been?:
  • 1981: Adventures '81 At The Library
  • 1982: Camp Wanna-Read-a-Book
  • 1983: Keys to the Castle
  • 1984: Through a Looking Glass
  • 1985: Buccaneers and Books
  • 1986: Spotlight on Books
  • 1987: Parade of Readers
  • 1988: Passport to Adventure
  • 1989: Reach for the Stars
  • 1990: Batches of Books
  • 1991: Read on the Wild Side
  • 1992: Read Rock Rap: Tune Into Summer Reading!
  • 1993: Make a Splash!
  • 1994: Camp Read
  • 1995: Books Under the Big Top
  • 1996: Colorful World of Library Kids / Summer Reading Olympics
  • 1997: Be Eager About Reading
  • 1998: Reading is Dino-mite
  • 1999: G'Day For Reading
  • 2000: Caution: Readers at Work!
  • 2001: Reading Road Trip U.S.A.!
  • 2002: Join The Winner's Circle
  • 2003: Laugh it Up @ Your Library
  • 2004: Discover New Trails @ Your Library / Get Connected @ Your Library
  • 2005: Dragons, Dreams, & Daring Deeds / License to Read
  • 2006: Summer Reading Celebration / Read Around the World / Drive In To Summer Reading
  • 2007: Get A Clue @ Your Library / Summertime Masterminds / Read Around the World
  • 2008: Catch The Reading Bug / Metamorphosis / Challenge of the Decades
  • 2009: Be Creative @ Your Library / Express Yourself @ Your Library / Master The Art of Reading
  • 2010: Make a Splash @ Your Library / Making Waves @ Your Library / Set Sail for Summer Reading
That's a lot of Summer Reading!

Today at CPL — October 2, 2010

As we learned yesterday, Canton Public Library was dedicated on November 9, 1980, and our current building was dedicated November 13, 1988. But what about our home on the web?

According to newsletters from the era, CPL's website launched February 19, 1996. Before then, we offered dial-up internet service to our patrons, but did not have a web portal. You can get an idea of what it was like from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

The July/August 2006 issue of Connections indicates another milestone: October 18, 2000 is when we launched our "Internet Branch" (the name we used for our website for much of the 2000s). We switched domains to our current prior to that, but the site hosted at that address changed considerably in October of 2000.

The I-Branch, as we called it, saw some aesthetic and functional changes over 6 years, but it wasn't until early July of 2006 that it was upgraded to a new layout and platform. This version can be viewed on the Wayback Machine, though the main menu at the top relied on JavaScript for its layout and therefore doesn't look quite as it once did.

On February 2, 2009, we launched the first iteration of the current site. This site uses the Drupal content management system. Since then, we've transitioned to new visuals to match our new logo (at the beginning of this year).

Just for fun, here's a small screenshot of what our current site looked like on October 10, 2008, three months before we launched it:

Today at CPL — October 1, 2010

All this month you can learn about Canton Public Library with pictures, facts, interviews, and activities. They will all be featured in the Today at CPL post, following the day's events.

Today's photo, from the newly-launched Canton History collection (1000+ images from the library, with more community photos to come!), shows a typical day at Canton Public Library. This library, though, was on the 3rd floor of the Township Administration Building in the 1980s.

Since CPL opened October 20, 1980, and was dedicated on November 9, 1980, and our current building opened and was dedicated on November 13, 1988, we know the 8-year span in which this photo was taken.

But that's not good enough! We wanted to know approximately when all the slides we found came from. Luckily, this picture gives us some great hints. The magazine covers in the photo correspond to what would be on the shelf in mid-March of 1981: If you zoom in, you can see Jack Nicholson on the cover of GQ, Warren Zevon on Rolling Stone, and Christina Ferrare on the February issue of Harper's Bazaar. Patrons are still wearing coats, lending further evidence toward the March estimate. To see more photos from this set, check out An 80s Day in the Library.

Stay tuned for more CPL history as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary!

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