Today at CPL - October 28, 2010

We've covered the 1980s and the early 2000s this month as we look back over CPL's 30-year history. But what about the 90s?

The image at right is the letter from the director, Jean Tabor, in the January 1994 issue of the library newsletter. You can find this and more historical images in the 1994-95 scrapbook.

What's interesting about this letter is that the technology has changed since then, but the end result is largely the same. In 1994 we had a few computer terminals networked together to offer databases on CD-ROM. Today, we still offer Health Reference databases, though we recently switched from Newsbank to other news databases. You can still read Just Grandma and me, though we only have it in conventional book form now instead of CD-ROM.

And what about that laserdisc? Well, we don't have it anymore, and it's not available on DVD. However, you can check out Master Paintings from the collection and American Masterpieces, or just visit the gallery's website for a full catalog of art with many of the pieces digitized and available online.

What sort of technology will CPL use 16 years from now?