Today at CPL - October 26, 2010

When the library opened in 1980, the population of Canton was around 48,600, according to SEMCOG reports. It took the library nearly four years to circulate one million items. This clip from 1984 reports a circulation rate of one item every 35 seconds that the library is open.

Our circulation rate rapidly increased and in 2002, serving a population of around 80,000, we hit the one million items a year mark, giving us our reputation as the state's busiest single-building library.

In 2009, we set an all-time circulation record when 2,015,317 items were checked out. That's a rate of one item every 6.44 seconds, or about 22 items for every Canton resident. Our circulation remains high and to help handle the workload, in 2010 we installed a state-of-the-art automatic sorting machine.