Today at CPL - October 21, 2010

Help Wanted: Hard-working, dedicated individuals to teach, file, sort, move, plant, assist, shelve, load, repair, carry and stamp. Other duties as necessary. No pay or benefits.
[Article from 1980, just after library opening.]

Who would want that job? Thankfully, hundreds of people in the Canton community.

Volunteers have played a huge role at the library. In the very early days, volunteers helped sort through donated books, raised funds and stamped and tagged books. As the library matured, volunteers planted flowers in the READ garden, shelved books and hosted programs. Today, high school National Honor Society students offer tutoring during our homework help sessions. Kohl's employee volunteers help with summer reading programs, other volunteers shred documents, cut scrap paper, repair damaged books and shelve DVDs.

Last year, over 5,000 work hours were donated by library volunteers and that doesn't begin to include the thousands of hours our Friends of the Library put in running Secondhand Prose, the used bookstore.

We say thank you every year with a staff-cooked banquet and, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we acknowledge and appreciate the service Canton Public Library volunteers provide to the entire community.