Today at CPL - October 16, 2010

Hey Kids!
You may have noticed that there's been lots of talk in the library lately about CPL's 30th anniversary. There are only a very few people who've been a part of Canton Public Library as long as I have, so I thought I'd chime in with my own experiences here at CPL. You can find my story on the library's Flickr account. Yup! I'm a pretty tech savvy bear. In some of the pictures I look kind of funny because they were taken a long time ago. You'd better not laugh!
While I never lived in the library when it was in the other building, I have seen the current building get renovated and the Children's Department transformed into what it is today! That was fun! That summer I earned my hard hat!
I also made lots of friends over the years. Some of the kids that used to see me at the library have grown up and now work at the library themselves! Isn't that amazing! I like to think that I helped them make decisions about their future careers.
I love meeting all you kids at Summer Reading, First Grade Round-up and Storytime. You really make my day. Working at CPL is so much fun, I don't ever want to retire! So when CPL has it's 50th anniversary, expect to hear from me! :)
Bear Hugs!