Today at CPL - October 14, 2010

The New York Times Bestseller Lists reflect the zeitgeist of a given era. The authors and types of fiction, and the subjects of the non-fiction can give us a hint what was on America's collective mind at a given time. Today we look at the books on the NYT Lists on October 20, 1980; the day we opened our doors to the public:

The key to Rebecca by Ken Follett

Firestarter by Stephen King

Rage of angels by Sidney Sheldon

The tenth commandment by Lawrence Sanders

The Bourne identity by Robert Ludlum

Free to choose: a personal statement by Milton & Rose Friedman

Men in love by Nancy Friday

Anatomy of an illness as perceived by the patient: reflections on healing and regeneration by Norman Cousins; introd. by René Dubos

Loon lake by E. L. Doctorow

Random winds by Belva Plain

Come pour the wine: a novel by Cynthia Freeman

Sins of the fathers by Susan Howatch

Music for chameleons: new writing by Truman Capote

The sky's the limit by Wayne W. Dyer

Goodbye, darkness: a memoir of the Pacific War by William Manchester

Ingrid Bergman, my story by Ingrid Bergman and Alan Burgess

Lyndon, an oral biography by Merle Miller

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