Today at CPL - October 1, 2010

All this month you can learn about Canton Public Library with pictures, facts, interviews, and activities. They will all be featured in the Today at CPL post, following the day's events.

Today's photo, from the newly-launched Canton History collection (1000+ images from the library, with more community photos to come!), shows a typical day at Canton Public Library. This library, though, was on the 3rd floor of the Township Administration Building in the 1980s.

Since CPL opened October 20, 1980, and was dedicated on November 9, 1980, and our current building opened and was dedicated on November 13, 1988, we know the 8-year span in which this photo was taken.

But that's not good enough! We wanted to know approximately when all the slides we found came from. Luckily, this picture gives us some great hints. The magazine covers in the photo correspond to what would be on the shelf in mid-March of 1981:

If you zoom in, you can see Jack Nicholson on the cover of GQ, Warren Zevon on Rolling Stone, and Christina Ferrare on the February issue of Harper's Bazaar. Patrons are still wearing coats, lending further evidence toward the March estimate. To see more photos from this set, check out An 80s Day in the Library.

Stay tuned for more CPL history as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary!