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Overdue Fines Change

Remember that we’re standardizing overdue fines throughout the library beginning January 4, 2011. Late charges on Children’s, Tween, and Teen materials will increase from 10¢ to 20¢ for each day they are returned after their due date. This increase will make fine amounts consistent throughout the collections. See our loan policies for more borrowing information.

Borrowing Schedule

Item Type Item Limit Loan Period Fine/Day Holds Renew
Book Discussion Kits 2 60 days $1.00 no no
Books, Large Print, Audiobooks, Puppets, CDs, Nonfiction DVDs - 21 days $0.20 yes yes
DVDs - 7 days $1.00 yes yes
Magazines (Back Issues)/Comics - 7 days $0.20 no yes
Video Games 5 7 days $1.00 yes yes
Lucky Day Books/CDs 1 7 days $0.20 no no
Lucky Day DVDs 1 3 Days $1.00 no<