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Week 5 - About Your Interests and Hobbies

Help Us Help YouIn order to help develop programs and services, the CPL would like to know more about your interests and hobbies.

Week 4 - About You and Technology

Help Us Help YouAs CPL strives to keep up with the latest and greatest of everything, it's important to know where you stand on using technology.

3rd Week - About Your Education/Work

Help Us Help YouTell us about yourself in terms of your education and career. We'd like to understand how much of your life is devoted to work.

Week 2 - About Your Lifestyle

Help Us Help YouNow that we know a little more about YOU, we'd like to understand more about your home-life, your family, your lifestyle. This week in the comments, let's talk about lifestyle. How would you describe yourself in terms of personal lifestyle or culture?

Help Us Help You - Week 1 (of 5) - About YOU

Help Us Help YouEach week we will have a blog post in which members of the CPL community can respond to get know one another. Your feedback will also be included in the Help Us Help You research and help focus our efforts. Please sign in and take our survey. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may also take the survey without signing in.

This week we would like to know (in the comments) — What inspires you?