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Strategic Planning Summary

The Canton Public Library connects your community.

That's the mission statement that arose from the focus groups, comment cards and conversations that we had with our community and staff over the last six months. Whether you are a community of storytime parents, a community of anime fans, a community of gamers or a community of readers, the Canton Public Library is a connection place for you. The library connects you to the resources, people and places that you defined as your community.

To support our mission, we pledge to adhere to four core values:
  • Relevance: We will adapt and grow as our community's needs change, providing flexible, customizable and evolving collections and services
  • Access: We support the pursuit of individul and community goals by ensuring the open exchange of diverse materials and ideas
  • Integrity: We are respectful of all people at all times and serve our community with excellence
  • Leadership: We will lead with enthusiasm and respond to challenges with creativity and professionalism

Details of our 2009-2011 Strategic Plan can be found from a link on the About Us page. We will post news of our actions and progress. This is a living document, and we look forward to receiving your feedback.