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book suggestions

Whirlwind Trips to Faraway Places

A Fave Five from our Children's, Tween and Teen Department Assistant.

Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan
Quirky and fantastical short stories about the stranger parts of suburban life.  Includes a water buffalo and other mysterious places and things.  A must-read just for the pictures.

Teen Titans: Can't-Go-Wrong Teen Lit Writers

Thanks to Anne from the CPL's CT&T department for these awesome Fave Five author suggestions!

Scott Westerfeld
writes dystopias and sci-fi that you can't put down.

Art Is In the Eye of the Reader

Master the Art of Reading this summer with these art related titles!

Fiction (Read these titles for the Expressionism category or listen to them for Postmodernism).

Robots and Greek Gods and Space - Oh My!

Explore the diverse landscape of science fiction and other planets with these books, featuring robots, Greek mythology and alien life.

Strong Women, Able To Leap Any Obstacle in 500 Pages Or Less

What do these books have in common? They all have storylines of strong women who overcome obstacles and struggles. Empower yourself and give them a try!

Quirky Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Fiction Book Suggestions

Science fiction and fantasy can be much more than just chasing down spaceships and dragons. If you like books with quirky characters that don't always fit into a specific genre, give these books a look.