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How to Celebrate Easter

Not all countries celebrate Easter the way the United States does. To get some idea of different customs, read this Easter Celebrations Around the World article. Here are some ideas to plan parties, recipes and crafts for the holiday on Easter Dinner, Brunch and Party Ideas. Our collection contains plenty of books and DVDs that give the history of Easter or help to plan festive Easter events.

Dance the Bunny Hop

Spring into action this weekend with the Bunny Hop. Don't know what the Bunny Hop is? Check out some of these fun cd's and put on your dancing paws, I mean shoes.

Disney's more dancin' tunes [sound recording]

Family fun songs [sound recording]

A very veggie Easter [sound recording]

Animal groove [sound recording] words & music by James Coffey

Easter Reads and DVDs, Suggestions for the Holiday

Book cover, In the Fullness of TimeEaster in Art [DVD]: This three part program explores the history of Easter as depicted in art from the time of the early Christians to the present day.

Jacques Pepin’s Easter Celebration [DVD]: Jacques Pepin demonstrates easy techniques to make an Easter dinner.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

As Easter is approaching, one might wonder at the origin of the art of egg decorating in Russia or the Ukraine, or even more, to the extents these cultures have taken it. For tips on how to decorate eggs, see The Great Book of Egg Decorating or
Egg Painting and Decorating: 305 Fantastic and Fun Patterns for the Whole Family. For something really fancy, try Making Faberge Style Eggs.
For a VHS video biography on the creator of Faberge Eggs, try

Easter Reads

In "Evidence for the Resurrection",  bestselling author Josh McDowell and his son, Sean examine the gospel and 2000 years of Christian history, concluding that Christ conquered death in clear, concise and accessible chapters.