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International items have been moved temporarily

We are expanding our International Language Area. During this time, we are adding shelves and moving books, so books in the language you want may be in a different place. Please ask at the Reference Desk if you can't find what you are looking for!

Attention Green-minded Canton Library Users

Green-minded Canton library users can check out books and recycle their paper in one trip! Just bring your paper to one of the bright green bins located in the back of the library parking lot. Acceptable Items: newspapers magazines catalogs school and office paper shredded paper (in bags) mail paperback books Unacceptable Items: cardboard phonebooks glass metal plastics trash (including paper towel and tissue) hardcover books For a list of other recycling resources in the community, please check out CPL's Canton Green Resources and click on "Recycle".

Seats on University Governing Boards on Ballot

On Novemeber 4th, voters will decide who will sit on the governing boards at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Wayne State University. Click the link above to learn more.

What Should I Read Next?

Looking for a good recommendation, or simply loved a book and want to find others like it? CPL has several resources you may want to consult. You can select from one of CPL's many bookmarks designed to satisfy all different kinds of readers' tastes including romance and mystery. You can also use one of CPL's databases like What Do I Read Next? or Novelist to help you select a good read. And, of course, you can always ask a friendly Reference Librarian for a reading suggestion.

Education and the Election

As this election year draws to its close, I wondered what role our next President might play in improving the nation's educational system. To find out more, I conducted searches in both of the library's education databases: ERIC and Educator's Reference Complete. I typed the keyword "election" in the ERIC search box and selected magazines the library owned. The first article, "Looking Ahead: Letters to the next President," from the current issue of Change: the Magazine of Higher Learning, offered perspectives from University presidents and students on the important issues facing higher education. In the Educator's Reference, I also typed the keyword "election" and selected full-text articles from academic journals.

Like to be the first to read the hottest new fiction?

As of January 1st, 2011 we are no longer offering the BookLetters service. To subscribe to featured books (by genre, format, etc.), bestsellers, and other library RSS feeds, please see the Books & More page.

Through CPL's BookLetters service you can sign up to receive a monthly newsletter that includes hot new fiction scheduled for release. The list includes links to the CPL catalog so you can check availability and, if you are a Canton resident, place a hold. Pretty nifty.

Halloween Means Scaring Yourself Silly!

Halloween is around the corner and you'll need some scary stories and horror movies to get yourself in the mood. Check out what the library has to offer: bookmarks with vampire reading suggestions like "Vampires in All Genres" and "Bite Me - Books About Vampires", as well as other horror tales and films.

Presidential Election Issues with can be your guide to the presidential election. This is a database which covers current events, hot political topics and American and world history. If you are in need of any last minute info on the candidates, their platforms, or background on issues, click the above link on the 2008 election. Under "Issues in the Headlines", click on "2008 Presidential Race". You may also follow the links from our Canton Public Library home page by clicking on the "Electronic Resources" button, choosing Databases, scrolling down to the "Social Sciences" category and then clicking the database.

Books to Feed Your Election Fix

"Three Books" is a series on NPR's "All Things Considered" in which they invite writers to recommend three great reads on a single theme. Marc Acito, self-described political addict and author of "Attack of the Theater People" picked three "Books to Feed Your Election Fix." Check the CPL catalog for title availability.

Community College enrollment soars

In Sunday's paper, Robin Erb, Detroit Free Education Writer, reported more recently-graduated students are enrolling in community colleges than at state universities. Click the link above to find out why.

Red, Blue (and Purple?) Political Books has an interactive map of the U.S. showing which states are "red" or "blue" based on their online book purchases. The site also includes a list of the bestselling red and blue political books (plus books that they call "purple" that did not fit into either category). Check the CPL catalog for title availability.

The Fall

The Fall is by far one of the most visually stunning films I've ever seen and I highly recommend it. Visually minded filmmaker Tarsem Singh returns to the director's chair for the first time since The Cell (2000) with this psychologically complex tale of a hospitalized paraplegic with a curious knack for storytelling. Unable to free himself from his sterile confines, the immobile patient's deepest fears form the basis of a dark story that he shares with his young companion -- a little girl who visits his room as she recovers from a nasty fall. As the eerie tale unfolds, reality and fantasy gradually merge to form a strange world in which anything is possible.

Campus Workouts

It's not too soon in the school year to start healthy habits and make them stick. USA Weekend Contributor, Jorge Cruise, gives advice for college students to keep those pesky Freshman 10 at bay.

4 Big, Easy Boosts for Your Student

USA Weekend's Parent Smart contributor, Ann Pleshette Murphy, was asked how to get this school year started off right. Click the link above for her tips.

New Look to Out & About


Our Internet Branch has expanded the activity options that you see when visiting our Fun Stuff page. Instead of just one event, now you'll see one, two or three tips (each linked to the event's page). Further, we've added some popular calendar links to the feature so you can explore for other entertainment options for half- or one-day excursions.

10 Tips of To-Do's During First Week in College

Retired Professors Lynn F. Jacobs and Jeremy H. Hyman share their advice for college success in their column at the link above. For more pointers, check out their website, Professor's Guide, and check the book in our collection Professor's Guide to Getting Good Grades.

America's Best Colleges 2009

Find out what college got the No. 1 ranking in the latest U.S. News & World Report edition.

Cut Costs of College Trips

In Sunday's USA Weekend, MoneySmart contributor, Sharon Epperson, shows how to reduce expenses when visiting prospective campuses.

Going Green on Campus

In today's Detroit Free Press, campuses around the nation are encouraging students to be more eco-friendly when they arrive in their dormrooms this fall.

4 Easy Ways to Turn School Days Green

In last Sunday's USA Weekend, ParentSmart contributor, Natalie Ermann Russell, suggested how students can think of new ways to reuse and recycle school supplies.