Everything Canton

Canton Public Library has partnered with CantonWiki; The 500 listings previously on Everything Canton are now available in a friendly, easy-to-use wiki format.CantonWiki is a not-for-profit City Wiki for the Plymouth-Canton area. Pages range from Restaurant listings to a page dedicated to Tacky Christmas light displays in our neighborhoods. It is a great community resource, made better by an active Canton community.Your contribution greatly enhances CantonWiki. It’s easy to add your favorite business, activity or community resources to share with the community.

Renewal Options

Renewable materials may be renewed four times after the original checkout unless they are on hold for another patron.

Online Renewal

Log in to your Patron Record to view the list of items that you have checked out. You can either put a check mark in each of the boxes for items you wish to renew, then click on "Renew Selected Items," or you can simply click on the box, "Renew All." Online renewal is available at any time.

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