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Conquer It

read the last Percy Jackson book again

finally cleaned

beginning the goal of learning 6 languages

I did repair work on a house that I never did before

I did siding work for the first time as a volunteer. Looked great!

cleaned my room

ate foood that i did not like

Home improvements for the house

I spoke in public!

I go to East Middle School and am a proud member of the award-winning 6th grade Choir. At the start of our last concert of the year, I volnteered to speak about "Concert Ettiquite" in front of the WHOLE audience. I was really scared, but once I got up there, I realized that it was super easy. Now I am not afraid of speaking public!

I have wrote a book before!!

play fireworks

I did some fireworks today. It was fun. Even I got a little burned on my hand. I'm not afraid anymore.

did oragami

I faced my fear of heights

I'm afraid of heights.  So I climbed a mountain so I wouldn't be afraid of them anymore. 

I conquered my fears!

iv'e faced my fears

Thorndyke Conquers Connect Your Summer

Thorndyke Conquers the MountainThorndyke is having all kinds of fun earning his CYS badges!  As you may remember, LB has done his share of traveling. This summer, Thorndyke is also expanding his horizons.

i went on a dirt bike for the first time

Went into the pool at Central Middle school, even though I was really scared.

I visited the Henry Ford Museum

I learned a lot about cars. I rid on a model-T.

I visited downtown Detroit

I visited downtown Detroit