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Conquer It

read a book

Spotlight on Stacey tells the girl Stacey has a problem--stage fright!

face to face interview


finished building lego campsite

taught my baby sister to climb the stairs

I built a successful mini rollercoaster at home after a lot of unsuccessful tries.

i conquared saving my money

i conquered going to west virginia

I learned to drive a stick shift.

I only stalled out twice!

Read "Escape from Camp 14"

Story of an amazing escape from a prison camp in North Korea.

capture flag

We played capture flag in the library backyard. I was the faster runner.


I played basketball in the water. It's was fun.

I read The Edumacation of Jay Baker by Jay Clark

This debut novel of Jay Clark is uproariously hilarious! A full review will follow on my site but let me tell you that if you like YA books at ALL, you will probably love The Edumacation of Jay Baker! Cheers for debut novelists everywhere!

supernatural episode

that ive been too scared to watch

I cleaned my room

Read The Greatest Power by Demi

In this book, Sing wins the position of Prime Minister by "see(ing) the unseen and know(ing) the unknown." She was really wise. The pictures were pretty too.

Finished reading A Stolen Life

Mind-boggling, sad, inspirational true story.

Read The Seven Ancient Wonders

Matthew Rielly's fast paced adventure trilogy starts with this action-packed adventure that takes the protagonist, Jack West Jr. all around the world to find the Ancient Wonders, each that have been in some way defaced.

read the last Percy Jackson book again