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Conquer It

Read Lamb

Lamb: the gospel according to Biff, Christ's childhood pal by Christopher Moore — oddly researched and respectful, while simultaneously irreverent, this is a humorous interpretation of the childhood and young adulthood of Jesus Christ. Reminds me of a religious Terry Pratchett. Filed this under Conquer It for lack of a better match; Jesus does conquer his uncertainty about being the Messiah.

Taught my Mom, Brother, and two of my friends to Line Dance :D

Cupid Shuffle, The Wobble, and the Cha-Cha Slide to be exact...Grandma's next ;)

Lost my goal weight of 10 lbs before the 4th of july!

Take that, teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini!


Now I know what I want to achieve in life!!!

Now I know what I want to achieve/accomplish in life and what my dreams are (from what I want my job to be to what I want my family to be like). Now that I know what i'm aiming for, I have to do it...a girl can dream...right? :)

I actually cleaned my room and it took forever!!!

Don't get me wrong, i'm a neat freak. I usually keep my room super organized and clean but ever since summer started, I kinda got lazy. Everything in my room had to be perfect so I took a long time fixing it up...I don't like rushing okay? :)

Tested for my Orange belt

I had to leran a difficult kata - the Ty Kioku Shodan Hanichi kata in Ishindryu karate, then I had to demonstrate it in front of my whole class to test to promote to my orange belt.

Cleaned my Room (Finally)

I watch the get started video.

"Book of Majors"

"100 Fastest Growing Careers"

"21 Best Jobs for the 21st Century"

I passed my swimming test

read geronimo stilton i'm to fond of my fur

continued to improve my diet by trying new things

I tried a small taste of pulled pork this weekend. It was fine, although I admit I was a little bit scared of it so I hid it with a lot of other flavors/foods in my meal.

finished biulding lego campsite

i read Flat Stanley Worldwide Adventures to African Safari

Stanley found the flat skull, but it was really just a fish skull.

Ran 1/2 mile down a mountain and back up twice.

It's easy to run down, but up...not so much!

researching majors

I went to make paper airplanes at the library.

We made a classic paper airplane and another tricky one called the marlin. We also got to watch a helicopters real engine.