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Conquer It

went to niagara falls

read book

I read Eddie's Toolbox and How to Make and Mend Things. That's so cool.

Going under water in the pool

When I was little I used to hate going underwater. But we moved to a neighborhood that has a pool and then I learned how to!! Now I know how to dive for things like little dive rings.

Gone to the first week of my summer class

Survived the first week of my summer Michigan history class! I'm super excited to learn more about Michigan. Lots of studying ahead of me though!

Doing Speech Class

I'm no good at talking in public so I'm taking this class to help me get over it

Finally read The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

After many tries, I finally finished book 1, The Alchemyst, in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series.  Looking forward to starting book 2!

Theater Camp

I am going to go to theater camp. I am scared of auditioning, but I hope this camp will get me over my fear!

I took a cold shower!!!

For some weird reason, my family lost all of their hot water. When I took a shower, I was freezing cold! After a while, the water became room temperature (it was still uncomfortable) because apparently my dad fixed it some how. So I just wanted to say that I took a cold shower and that I did it! I conquered it! :)

Reached my goal

Remodeled and redecorated our bathroom

Today, I became an American Citizen!

We went to paper planes and jet engines.

Went to the casino in French Lick Indiana with my mother and left with a few dollars more than I went in with!

Now that's a rarity!  What allowed me to conquer my usual need to give back anything I win was that we needed to be on a train and had only 30 minutes to spend at the casino.  LOL

Finally got unpacked and caught up on laundry after vacation!

I wasn't sure I would ever get caught up!

saw dispicable me

It was a really good, cute movie. i loved it.

read an article about reducing fear in dogs and experimented with techniques

With all the thunder and fireworks lately, our older dog Brodie has been very anxious. I read this article and tried some new techniques to help him feel less anxiety. It seems to be working sometimes but not others.

read a book--TRACTION MAN IS HERE!

I love this book. Mini Grey has an exciting adventure in the house.

I watch Despicable Me

One of my favorite movies

I read Repunzel's Revenge