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Conquer It

Read First Day Jitters

Went Kayaking for the first time

I went kayaking with my Aunt Sam on Lake Huron.

Tried canoeing for the first time

I tried canoeing for the first time and I conquered it!

I started a book club

i fianlly got over my feer of boats

Completed some personal paperwork that needed to be conquered

Hubby and I have been dragging our heels on it, glad to have it done!

I tried going on the pogo stick.

I won four chess games!!!

That is great accomplishment because i haven't played chess in over a year.

Conquered a cluttered corner in my garage by cashing in my returnable bottles and cans

made nearly $20 to boot!

Joined the knitting group at the library and was then able to go home and KNIT!!

I have been knitting and pearling since and Loving it!!!

I walked on my hands and I practiced.

Chess Day

Chess is a great way to exercise your mind this summer, and July 20th is International Chess Day. Chess is played world wide by millions of people and calls for some good strategy and thinking skills. If you would like to learn more about chess or try your hand at a game, open chess is available at the library on July 22, and on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. You could also play or learn chess for your Conquer it or Game on Badge.

I "conquered" the Junior Park Ranger at three national parks.

We had to finish a book in our age level. The pages were challenging and it taught us to be nature friendly. I picked up 10 pieces of trash and learned not to feed wild animals . Take care of our environment so it will take care of us.

Read a book about softball then hit a homerun in a game

I read Scary School Book 2 : Monsters on the March by Derek the Ghost

In Monsters on the March, Scary School travels to the Monster King Zog's kingdom, when Charles flies off his dragon and frees the monster princess, Princess Zogette. She falls in love with him and everyone thinks that they should fight the 15,000 monsters that are going to attack them because of it. And Charles can't even tell anyone that he doesn't even like her.

Challenge Yourself to Hula Hoop!

Stop by the library and challenge yourself with a hula hoop! Besides conquering your coordination, hula hooping is great physical activity, too.

Bubble gum and hula hoops: the origins of objects in our everyday lives by Harry Oliver


kept up a good enough GPA to get a letter

Beat the gnome throwing game on Pottermore

It only took me five times to get the throwing just so.

Finished puzzle