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Conquer It

I went to the make your icecream program

I went to the plush pets sleepover program at the library

I went to the plush pets sleepover program at the library

I hula hooped in the library.

Walked for 40 minutes

Okay, so today's workout was more Conquer it then Be Well and definitley not Love it!   Today was a very low energy day (quite atypical for me).  Working out was a struggle. Walked to the park at the end of my street and then around the track once and then I continued on into the nature preserve at the back of the park.  Challenged myself to take a hilly path I haven't taken before.  It was steep and challenging and I admit that when I got home 40 minutes later I was glad that I kept my exercise commitment.

I read four of the Amulet series books.

Conquer Your Fear of the Creepy Crawlies

Check out these great reads about the creepiest, crawliest creatures around!

Incredible arachnids by John Townsend

Ant lions and lacewings by text by Elaine Pascoe; photographs by Dwight Kuhn

Goliath bird-eating spiders and other extreme bugs by Deirdre A.

plush animal party

It's hard to leave my doggy--GouGou along without me. I hope she have a nice sleep with her new friends. See you tomorrow.

I read the book Trian Like a Dinosaur and win 8 medals.

I swam in the deep end at swim lessons.

watched despicable me

such a funny movie. i love steve carrel

I learned to dive into the deep end

Worked out with weights for 25 minutes this morning.

I am claiming this under the Conquer It badge rather than the Be Well badge because I feel like I am finally conquering my inconsistency in exercise!

My kids and I all tried out the hula hoops at the library

Learned how to swim underwater.

I learned how to swim underwater and get my head wet. I was very scared to do this last year but now I jump off the deep end at the pool.

Tried to Read Scaredy Squirrel

Scaredy Squirrel at night by Mélanie Watt — I'll be honest: I didn't quite make it through this one. The fairies were too scary. But I'll try again.

Read "Lost on Planet China".

This was a great book. I had read his other works and really enjoy his writing syle. I highly recommend this book!

I hula-hooped at the library!

Read First Day Jitters

This book helped me prepare for kindergarten.

Went Kayaking for the first time

I went kayaking with my Aunt Sam on Lake Huron.