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Conquer It

I read The Children's book of America

i read god bless amarica

have a japanise cousion

Read an article about 21 things to do in Detroit on the cheap.

Great ideas for fun family activities.

Went to the drive in for the first time and helped out at a garage sale.

Read "Big Nate Strikes Again"

Not only does Nate finally get a decent comment from Mrs. Godfrey, but insufferable know-it-all Gina shows that geeky girls can save the day when it comes to sports.

A Boy called slow

A boy who was once called "Slow" gained the name Tatan'ka Iyota'ke, a name which is known well meaning Sitting Bull-----one of the greatest of all the Lakota warriors.

Earned 5 Gup belt at Taekwondo picnic

Went ziplining

We went ziplining underneath Louisville, Kentucky, at the Louisville Mega Cavern.

Finished my second novel, Black Ashes

This one was harder to finish but I did it; don't know if I liked the ending but I'll work with it for now.

Finished my first novel, Red Embers

It's 175 pages double spaced and I loved every minute of it!!

conquered in new mario bros video game



I learned a lot.