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Conquer It

Drove a Manual Transmission

I drove our car home from a friend's house. It wasn't far, and I didn't drive very fast.  But I only stalled once!

I live in canton and I went to Traver city

It was the best trip ever.

My inbox was empty when I left the office tonight!

I got all my badges

Conquer several game levels on a hard WII Ice Age Game

Successfully completed a month long dietary change experiment.

I now know that I don't have an issue with dairy and it was good discipline too! 

Earned all my CYS Badges

I changed my name

My sister and I both recently married, so we decided to go to the Social Security office together to change our names. 

I watched Megamind

I watched Decpicable Me

learning piano

I am learning piano in summer

Ran the Warrior Dash!

went into water 6 ft deapth

I hula hooped int the library. With both hula hoops

i conquered my fear to get a shot

Read a new author

i conquered my fear of blood tests

i had to get a bloodtest this summer . i was really scared but did it.

Read The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

The girl who fell from the sky: a novel by Heidi W. Durrow — Rachel's story starts in the middle, after she's lost her family, and before she's discovered who she really is. Rachel is the daughter of a black American man and a white Danish woman, and has to conquer not only her racial identity, but also her feelings about a family who was by turns loving, neglectful, supportive and judgmental. The characters were unique and continually surprising, which I loved. The ending didn't go quite where I wanted, but ultimately the meat of the story made this a worthwhile read.